Not getting my gun :(

Discussion in 'Smith & Wesson Forum' started by brockly, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. brockly

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    I bought a m&p 9c 2 weeks ago and wanting the m&p .22 so I can have fun longer on the indoor range I'm a member at. So I have to wait for the 30 days to end so I can wait 10 more days to get the .22. ( have to love California) so the seller told me he mark it on the Calendar to run my Background checks. That's for free because I'm a member. So my gun will be here Monday the 16th. So I went shooting Saturday and ask them what time can I pick my gun up Monday.

    With out a though and a care he told me I had to be there to run the Background check and he forgot to call and my date was push back tell the 24th.

    I was pissed. ( don't like to wait). So I told him I want my money back. And was going to look some where else. ( didn't tell he that). He seen I was upset. Yeah I still have to wait 10 day. But didn't want him to buy from him.

    The bad thing is even with out the free Background check. I can't find the gun cheaper or Close to $408.96 out the door bran new.

    Bass pro shop is $530. And it's Sunday so I have to wait to call others. :/

    I have to craw back and buy it again :(

    Was thinking about the m&p 15-22 Rifle. But my membership range is 15 to 17 yards top. So if I get that gun it would be like ridding a new bike in a backyard. Not so much fun if you live in the city :/. Or pay range fee to shoot it each time at a new range about $20 a trip.

    Just wanted to vent :). Will look Monday before I have to take the walk of shame back. Lol

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Never burn bridges :eek:

  3. JW357

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    Sucks man. Just buy it online and have it shipped to a local FFL.
  4. Sniper03

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    I agree with Hossfly. And remember we all are human! Like me I am sure you have never forgotten something of importance in the past that mattered to someone? You might want to go back and speak to him about your frustration, since we all can get frustrated and mend the situation since sounds like it was a good deal on the gun. And you still belong to the Gun Range there.
    Only a suggestion. I too have been guilty of over reacting in the past so I am not throwing rocks at you! :)

  5. WillWork4Ammo

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    Stupid worthless California laws.
    I wonder how many gang bangers out there wait 30 days to buy a gun.
  6. JimRau

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    Move to Alabama. I can sell you guns all day everyday!!!:D
  7. Gonzilla

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    You are not the first person to burn a bridge and Lord knows, you will not be the last. Be the better man, suck it up, go back to the store when it is not very busy and ask for a moment of his time. Apologize about losing your cool, tell him how much you were looking forward to shooting the gun and how devastating the delay was.

    If the gent is a decent human being, he will accept your apology and as a fellow gun buff, he will make it easy for you. Everyone screws up but few have the character to own up and make it right. The ball is now in your court.

    The only thing I have to add is an old quote from Oscar Wild, "The two greatest tragedies in life are not getting what you want, and then getting it."

    IMHO: Nothing can ever equal the joy of getting your first gun. (With the possible exception of your first high end gun - it's like acquiring a work of Art except even better because you get to take it to the range/field and shoot it) :D
  8. Polygon

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    I've had crap like this happen numerous times. I hate waiting, but are you going to burn a bridge over something so petty? I would have been visibly disappointed, but I would have shaken it off and did what I needed to do. People make mistakes. I'm sure you have, and I'm sure others have given you a second chance or even a third or fourth.