Not a sanctioned shoot but lots of fun

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    I have a new game at the range that my son and I try and play when money allows. It’s called Shooting Golf. We will buy a bag of cheep golf balls and a bag of tees at the store. We shoot on Mondays when there is not many people there.

    Start at the 25 yard mark and place 6 tee’s and balls spaced as evenly as possible between 25 yards and 100 yards then do the same from 125 yards to 200 yards, then lastly do from 225 yards to 300 yards.

    You can only use a .22lr, .22mag. or a .17 HMR.

    One shot per ball to make par (Each Ball counts for one point in first hit)
    Two shots to hit the ball is a -.5 to par
    Three shots to hit the ball is – 1 to par

    .22lr handy cap

    + 1 (25 to 100 yards)
    + 1.5 (125-200 yards)
    + 2 (225 to 300 yards)

    .22mag handy cap

    +.5 (25 to 100 yards)
    + 1 (125 to 200 yards)
    + 1.5 (225 to 300 yards)

    .17HMR No handy cap awarded.

    Example, Using a .22mag if I hit all 6 balls in the 25 to 100 yards range with one shot I would tally a score of 9 points (1 point per ball + .5 handy cap per ball), if I hit all the next set of balls 125 to 200 yard range with one shot the total would be 12 points so adding 12 to 9 gives me a total of 21 points so far. If I hit the third set of targets with one shot each I would have 15 more points to add to the 21 points giving a total of 36 points total for the 18 holes you just played.

    Handy caps count because of the lack of accuracy of the less powerful rounds out at further distance, and it is dam hard to hit that far out with a .22lr we have yet to hit past 200 yards with it. The .17 HMR has no handy cap due to it being able to reach out the 300 yards semi reliably.