Nosler Ballistic Tip

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  1. cottontop

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    Anybody load them? I ordered some 180 grain 8mm for my Mauser. Just wondering what your results have been on game with any of the ballistic tip bullets in what ever caliber you use.
  2. Gatoragn

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    I don't load but have been shooting Nosler Accubonds with ballistic tips in my 270 since Winchester introduced it. It is a great bullet, the ones I have recovered mushroomed quite well.

    I also like Hornady's SST, I shoot it my 308 and 280.

  3. awaysaway

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    For hunting you can't beat Barnes TTSX. We've shot a dozen deer, woodchuck, even had a friend take them to Africa. Great accuracy and penetration. I have loaded Nosler, Hornady, Lapua as well. But for Hunting, can't beat the Barnes.
  4. Pasquanel

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    I load 150 & 165 gr. bt. for my 30-06 the 150 is very devastating on deer size critters.
  5. MOshooter

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    I like Nosler and use their ballistic tips for varmint hunting in my 22-250 with excellent accuracy.
    I loaded up some ballistic tips in my 7mm rem mag years ago,shot one deer,what a mess!! It turned the inside of that deer to mush,after that I just use ballistic tips on the vermin and for big game I've been using the Nosler partition bullets with excellent results.
  6. steve4102

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    The Accubonds are a different bullet then the Ballistic Tip. Accubonds are a bonded bullet (tougher) Ballistic tips are not.

    Several years ago I tried some 165gr BT in my 30-06. I shot two Whitetails that year. The first one was DRT. The second one was a different story. He was about 75 yards away standing broadside. It took three well placed shots to bring him down. The third shot took him down fast and hard. Autopsy showed the first two bullets exploded on impact and never made it to the vitals. I swore I would never use a BT again.

    I few years ago I broke my promise to myself and loaded up a 120gr Nosler BT for my 6.5 Grendel. I figured with a soft explosive bullet like the BT and the rather anemic velocities of the Grendel I would have the perfect Hunting bullet. Not so. One well placed shot, several hours of tracking resulted in one dead MN Whitetail. Autopsy showed the bullet exploded on impact and only small fragments of shrapnel made it to the vitals. He died a long slow death and I wasted a whole day tracking. No more BT for me, ever.

    My 30-06 now gets loaded with Nosler Partitions as do all of my Hunting rifles. Except the 7.62 x 39 and the Grendel, they get 110gr and 100gr TTSX respectively.
  7. Txhillbilly

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    The Nosler Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertips are my main hunting bullets in 25/06-308-30/06-300WM and 458 SOCOM.
    I haven't had any problems with them coming apart on impact,but I have noticed a few times that they don't expand as well as a Partition type bullet at shorter range shots.These hunting bullets perform like match bullets when it comes to grouping.
  8. Shade

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    My personal experience has not been good with Nosler or Hornady,
    Polymer tipped bullets, all my shots on game have result in no
    expansion. I have shot them in .35 Rem, .300 H&H, .30-06 and
    7mm Rem mag.

    I used to load Nosler partitions, they are a very good bullet. I now
    load Barnes TSX bullets. My experience with Barnes is excellent,
    Nosler's partitions are a close second.

    Your mileage may vary.
  9. Jim1611

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    I've loaded and shot the Ballistic Tips for my .270 and 7mm-08. Both have been great for killing dear as far as I'm concerned. I've shot them as close as 20 ft. and as far as 400 yards and as long as I do my part they did theirs. The 400 yard shot was actually 2 hits. One broadside then he trotted forward and turned away and the next was facing away. The first shot went through both lungs and stopped in the hide on the far side and the second entered just above the ham and was stopped by the leg bone on the opposite side. Both were killing shots and from the .270.

    The Barnes bullets are exceptional too, and seem to be more accurate for my rifle. Trying out the Swift Scirocco II 180 grain in my .300 Weatherby on elk in November this year. 81 grains of Reloader 22 and an average of 3160 fps with sub minute groups. So far I like them. Seem to be a well made bullet.
  10. Eturnsdale

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    The ones Ive loaded preformed very well for me in .30-06. Good weight retention.
  11. jpattersonnh

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    I had basically the same experience w/ 140gr BT in my 7mmRM at 75 yards. Hit the WT perfectly and it took him off his feet. As I was walking up he picked up his head and got up. Second shot was from 50 yards and put him down. Nosler said the bullet was going to fast as it had blown up and left a crater when it hit a rib. I've never used a BT for medium game and up again. Broke the rib and left a 4" wide crater w/ about an inch of penetration.
  12. Shade

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    The last deer I shot with a Barnes TSX was a perfect broadside, about 50
    yds. .30-06 the doe's head was to my left the bullet destroyed the left lung,
    top of the heart and left a 4 inch hole in the deer's right side with most of
    the right lung removed from the carcass. It dropped right there and died.
  13. Intheshop

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    Our Deer here practically fall over at just the sight of a,we just use std offerings from the bullet co's.Sierra Gamekings,Rem Corloks,Speer's whatevers.

    Reason for post was/is...we have a first year issue 740,'06.Got it because PO couldn't get the second round to chamber.After a bit of investigating found that Rem changed the feedramp on subsequent models.......yadayada.Also found that their Bronze tip was the cure,"back then".So,order'd some cheap 150's from fine.

    I'd be very interested to know how Rem's Bronze Tip fits in with the timeline for "tipped" bullets.If you compare one with any of the polymer offerings currently....they look exactly the same?