Nosler Ballistic Tip and Hornady Lever Evolution bullets.

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    I have a question what has your experience been with these different
    types of polymer tipped bullets?

    I have limited but not a very good experience with them. They never
    seem open up; aka poor terminal performance. I have shoot one deer
    with a Nosler .308 Ballistic tip had to shoot it twice both shots were
    through and through. One coyote with a .223 ballistic tip and it ran 1/4
    mile before dying. The last was a .35 Remington out of a lever gun, I
    had to shoot a 350 lb Russian boar 3 times 2 through and through, chest
    cavity, got both lungs but not an artery or the heart with either. The
    third was found wedged in the spine, the Boar was laying on it's side
    and I shot it through the sternum and heart to kill it, the Hornady bullet
    was beat up but still intact and unopened.

    What are your thoughts? I am not here to bash tipped bullets but is my
    experience unique or not?

    I only use Barnes TSX bullet for hunting any more, I do not have to
    chase or track animals when they get hit with a TSX.
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    Im interested to hear about this as well, I've heard good things about the LeveRevolution ammunition and I have some for the .30-30 I plan on using for modern gun season for deer this year. I'd definitely like to know if I should resort to a conventional flat nose round.
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    I've killed tons of deer using Nosler BT's and they are my favorite deer sized game bullet. I usually use 140gr 7mm.
    In my experience, the carcass usually appears to have a large entrance hole, and a small caliber sized exit hole.
    I had thought pass through in the past, but dressing out reveals tremendous damage and liquefied internal organs. Skinning tells the rest of the story. Complete fragmentation and sometimes a few small exit holes from larger frags. The visible caliber sized exit hole is from the bullets solid base.
    I have found the bases on a few occasions just under the skin without exiting, this was the only thing left of substantial size, and why I've come to that conclusion on the small exit wounds.
    I doubt you will find a bullet that opens up faster than a BT for large game, perhaps a Match HP but I've found them to be a little inconsistent on game unless driven to very high velocities.
    The Accubonds are supposed to hold together for more penetration with their bonded jacket. I have some but have yet to try them on game, so I can't comment on their performance.
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    I can speak for the Noselr BT bullets. Most hunters use a bullet heavier than needed. I know of several hundred Deer dropped with Nosler BT bullets.
    Have built several rifles and my test loads are with these bullets. Customers have used them all over the US and plains game in Africa.
    One man has a room full of trophies he took with his 300 win mag and 180 Nosler BT bullets. His first trip to Russia opened his eyes to performance of this bullet.
    Crop damage shooters need to drop deer quickly, Ticks and such make tracking a problem. Using light weight bullets at his speed work well.

    One customer dropped a record book Elk with his 7WSM. Shooting a 140 Nosler BT bullet.
    His guide told him the bullet was too light. After the hunt, the guide wants his left over ammo.
    I know Nosler works and well.