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Specialty Projectiles for Small Arms.

Bullet Bob makes rifle bullets, pistol bullets, shotgun slugs and high performance handgun bullets. Our hunting bullets are highly acclaimed and our target bullets have set records. We offer rebated boattail rifle bullets in many calibers and have specially designed rebated boattail handgun bullets for the long range handgunner. We also have a complete line of fragmenting pistol bullets, sub-sonic rifle bullets, as well as other reloading bullets.
In addition Bullet Bob's bullet jackets are available in many calibers and configurations. We stock copper jackets for the home bullet maker as well as for the commercial shop. We have rifle jackets in many calibers, thicknesses, and lengths. Pistol jackets are available various wall thicknesses suitable for low velocity or high pressure/high velocity calibers. If you need a bullet jacket that isn't stocked our custom jacket service can fill your requirements.
Contact Bullet Bob @ 1-406-723-8683 or visit us on the web
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