Northern California?!?!

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    Hey y'all...
    I'm looking for a place to shoot and camp in Northern California. I've done some research and from what I've learned it has to be on BLM land.
    I've checked their website and it shows color coded maps of where BLM land is.
    My problem is, is that it's not very clear and I'm not exactly sure where exactly I can go to shoot.
    I want to be ale to drive way out to BLM land, pitch a tent and shoot all day for a couple days.
    I've learned that you can't shoot around camping sites. So, I'm NOT looking for a organized camping site, just a place way out there on BLM land where I can pitch a tent and shoot.

    So does anyone now of a road or a SPECIFIC area I can go?
    Like, give me directions? Lol
    I in the Sacramento area, but I am willing to drive up to 3-4 hours if I have to.
    Thank you SOOOO much!!!
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    There's blm land around lake berryessa which isnt that far from Sacramento. Also the cache creek wildlife area is blm land and that's in woodland. U can hunt and camp on both these areas I think. Do some more research on the blm website