Normal Wear?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Strapped, Aug 24, 2009.

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    Using a picture posted by another member.
    I recently went looking at shotguns and decided on the Remington 870 Security from big 5. When i was examining the chamber i noticed marks/nicks located where the arrow points in this picture [​IMG] (This is not the exact shotgun, just using a refrence to show where i noticed the marks)

    Now i havent been able to find any clear pictures of 870's chambers to see if its normal wear. However, in that picture it does seem like there might be some wear.

    Just wanted to hear from some owners of the Remington to see if they too have some wear in that spot. My guess its from breech face slamming when pumping the shotgun
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    Go to the Introductions forum when you get time and tell us something about yourself.

    Is this a new shotgun? Or used!

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    Look like someone has possibly been shucking the action with no shells in it. When one does that the bolt could contact where your arrow is pointing.