Norinco T-97 Made illegal in Canada

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by TrueNorth, Mar 20, 2010.

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    A message for Canadians and a warning to Americans and others.

    Despite my unimpressed experience with the Norinco brand, I feel I should make aware to others that the rights of Canadians are being trampled on! To teh Americans you must make sure that this never happens to you!

    Up until now the Norinco T97 rifle was legal to purchase in Canada provided that it followed regulation (registration, mag limits, use restrictions, barrel length etc). Well in the next 30 days they will be illegal, and current owners must within these 30 days turn them in to the RCMP, sell them to internationally, or have them disabled and used as movie props.

    The owners will receive no compensation for their guns/parts unless they sell them individually, and as far as I'm concerned this is theft by the government that allowed these guns to be bought legally, and then changes the law once they've collected the taxes.

    Never let the government restrict you, because once they start, it WILL slowly get worse!

    If anyone has any advice or ideas to help Canadian firearms owners, or how to prevent future restrictions! Let's hear it!
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    And I just read somewhere that Canada was relaxing their draconian gun laws?

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    I'd heard the same thing robo. Artical read that it was the costliest most corrupt piece of legislation they'd ever inacted.
  4. TrueNorth

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    Harper IS supposedly planning to drop the Gun Registry (which was budgeted for 1-2 million and has cost more than a Billion dollars). However I have no problem with the registry, its like a licence or insurance - it just says that you own what you own and where you keep them, it might be a hassle, but a law-abiding citizen should have nothing to fear from it.

    SHOULD have nothing to fear.

    The registry for the long guns is a failure because 60% of firearms owners haven't registered yet - and I bet one reason is because of stunts like the Norinco one here. Owners fear that once they register, the government will make their guns illegal and give them 30 days to get rid of them - and know where to find them if they don't do it, or to make sure that they turned them in.
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    Gun registry is always the first step to confiscation. That is why we fight against it so hard in the U.S.