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    hi guys. I have a norinco sks paratrooper model in excellent condition with folding bayonet and cleaning kit in the stock. I was wondering what this is worth. Anyone have any idea?
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    does it have a spike bayonet? and does it have a stripper clip? IF its got all that and is AK mag compatible then you could look to get around $350+ i've seen em even for as much as like $550+ ( also mint condition though) i've also heard them without the bayonet or the AK mag compatibility for as cheap as $150. but yours is pretty set.

    Its funny how the chinese make their stock on the SKS shorter because they're all a lot shorter than the albanians, romanians, and russians :p

    I personally like the Norinco sks sporter with the even shorter thumbhole stock but im a CQB junky ( i like my firearms all compact and travel size for you convenience. even though its completely nonsense for a rifle like this.)
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  3. janikphoto

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    I have NOT seen the paratrooper model with the AK mags before, just the regular norinco sks. I have a regular norinco and love it. I could've purchased a paratrooper back in 1995 for $114, but now they run between $350 and $500 depending on how lucky you are. One guy paid $400 at the last gun show for one. I'd pay $200 at most, but I'm cheap that way...