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    Ey guys. Found an SKS today for sale at a local gun store. It's a Norinco (as stated). It has a synthetic stock with a nice pistol grip, a decent bi pod, collapsable butt stock, 30 round clip and a sight rail (I think that's everything) oh and the guy at the store did some trigger work on it. Is $400 a good price for this? Let me know. I will be getting it just to have fun with. Thanks ahead of time for any replies!
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    Mine was just over $300, but it was in a Ramline montecarlo-style stock & had no special sights. I have added a tapco stock with the collapsible butt and Techsights peep sights & such. Mine did come with the metal 30 round mag.

    If the 30 round mag is the metal type that looks like an AK mag with an adapter welded on, don't value it too highly.

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    Sounds like your getting alot for $400. Hey if the bore is good and your happy with the after market parts, i say buy it. Definetely check out the reliability of the 30rd mag some work real well, but if not there are lots of good after market mags that work. I have alot more then that in my 51 Russkie, but i'm happy with it. Good luck and have fun"