Norinco Model213A 9X18mak

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  1. unclebear

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    I got this gun not knowing jack about it, It was orginally in 9mm but some how it got made into a 9x18 no clue how but it actually shoots the 9X18 mak and doesn't blow up we went out and shot some cans with it and it's hits them I had 2 stove pipes with failure to feeds at the same time. But over all it ain't bad. Yes it is in fact double stacked and holds 15 rounds in each mag and I own three mags.

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  2. locutus

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    Those were only manufactured 9X19. It would have to be rebarelled to be a Mak,:confused:

    I'd slug the bore and do a chamber cast.

    Will a 9X19 chamber in it??

    Either way, ya got a nice pistol. Norinco quality is very good.
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  3. orangello

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    Weird! Looking at that pistol, I would've guessed 7.62x25mm or 9mm but not 9mmshort.
  4. qwiksdraw

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    That gun looks more like a Tokarev (7.62x25mm) than it does a Makarov (9X18), at least to me it does.

    Some companies (Zastava I know for sure) make a Tokarev style pistol in 9MM too.

    Changing a gun from 9X19 to 9X18 is an unusual choice. Finding 9X19 is hard enough these days, Mak ammo is close to impossible.

    You have a unique and interesting gun, got another range report to go with it?
  5. unclebear

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    The tag at keenes said 9x18 mak, I checked it with a 9mm and it wouldn't chamber then I checked it with a 9x18 and chambered right I fired 9x18 out of it and I had a nice little grouping it was off to the left a little but it worked and didn't blow my hand off.

    I agree it's very odd I couldn't really find any info on the gun not to mention one chambered in 9x18 MAK. I found out they weren't really imported all that much and aren't really all that wanted most collectors want closest thing to original as possible.