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Hello all


Following the same gun buying plan I have for the last few years, I decided it was time to replace the sold off Remington 870 shotgun I had for years! A sick Family member and constant layoffs made that sale a had to item, but I do miss the 870! Years ago, (couple of thousand or so), I had a chance to try a Ithica Model 37 shotgun, Riot Model with the 8 shot tube! My dad had won it in a poker game from a retired cop we all know! Dad like it as he was left handed and the shells did not eject past his face when he fired it!

I had a chance to try it and it was a smooth, good shooter, we mostly used 00 and # 4 Buck, but some slugs as well, shot on target, and well!

I saw a new in box, Norenco Model 372 in the rack at a small local gun store, I asked to see it, it was sythentic black stock and forend, Ghost Ring Peep site, Heat shield on the barrel as well? I tried it, and was plewaslty suprised how it felt much like the Model 37 I tried years ago? It's only a 5 shot, they do make an 8 shot Model, but it was not in stock and cost more! Out the door with all taxes and fee's it was around $230.00! I know I could have got a used 870 for the same cost, but I like the features of this "CLONE"! My $ and Budget have allowed me to replace a few other sold off Guns like my 1911a1, replaced that with a Rock Island Gov model, GREAT SHOOTER! I replaced a sold off Browning High Power 9MM, with an Argintine M-95 Classic and got a Detective slide unit so it's a smaller carry gun, all for less than what a Browning BHP would cost now! This Norenco has not shot yet, I'm still learing the take down and slicking up the action before I shoot it! I will post a range report after I put 50 or so rounds through it and give an honest range report, Good or bad?

So far, all looks good and It's welcome addition to my small rebuilding gun collection!

I know thier will be sooo many that critisie me for buying a Noneco as it's made in China, But I say, Buy what ya need, can affoard and what works, I leave the Political stuff out when I buy! If this buy helps the Chi-Coms become More commecial, I see no harm in that! Will it help a chi chom source, YUP! How much other stuff do we buy each day that does that same thing? Look at what you buy at Wal-mart and so many other "Marts", lots of china in there, so please spare me the BUY AMERICAN" speech, OK? Trying to get back what I had to sell off and Looking to stretch a retired wage with a terminnaly ill family member to boot?

lol !!! :) buy american !!!

having said that ..... :)

i do have a norinco 1911 .45acp. darn thing shoots very very well,

made out of some really high quality steel.

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