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    I've shot rifles for most of my life, but I've never really sat down and learned about ballistics, grain characteristics, and proper zeroing techniques. Can anyone point me toward a good resource for information like this for someone to quit screwing around and learn?
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    It all depends, there are some generic advise things to read about that will in general do you not much good. Look it up by rifle or scope as to how to zero and how your rifle will perform such as point target, area target, effective range based on barrel length etc. As far as ballistics go, most ammo makers will post up the ballistics of the rounds you are buying and how the will drop and lose energy over what distance. If you want to shoot over long distance you can google winds effects of diffrent grain bullets and how much wind drift or spin drift will play in. But things like spin drift play in over very long distances, 90% of people dont account for that. There are a lot of things to take into consideration but like i said, you can look it up by your needs and not get overloaded on information. If you have a certain rifle and type of ammo you use i can find you specific info on it.
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    Believe it or not,you can learn a whole heck of alot about ballistics in "general" for every rifle/handgun/shotgun cartridge ever made on Wikipedia.Just type "list of handgun cartridges" or "list of rifle cardridges" in a search and you will see a huge list and you will get a good idea of what the general projectile weights,velocities,and foot pounds of energy are for any caliber.You can also learn alot about different firearms designs,history and manufacturer information or history.