Non resident FL lic and reciprocity question

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    I was doing some reading on this wonderful forum and it seems like me being a TX resident can apply for a non res Florida concealed lic and use it in TX. Is this correct or am I overlooking something? Because for half the cost this is looking attractive. Thanks
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    Not a lawyer, currently not a Texas resident, but believe that answer is no- Texas recognizes thru reciprocity permits issued to RESIDENTS OF OTHER STATES. If you reside in Texas, you need a Texas permit in Texas. You can still get a non-resident license in another state that MAY be more widely accepted than a Texas permit, but for Texas, you need a Texas permit.

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    I am also not an attorney, but I do live in Florida. You can get a Florida non-resident permit, but I would read your own state's laws before I would count on it being good to go at home. Here is the web site for FL CCW.

    Concealed Weapons or Firearm Program - Division of Licensing, FDACS

    It will tell you what you are required to have for a non resident permit.
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    I am not a lawyer either.

    When I took my CCW course in LA five years ago the instructor said our class fee would, upon completion, allow us to file paperwork for either a FL permit or a LA permit. The instructor recommended we get a FL permit because we would be legal in more states (including LA) with a FL permit even as residents of LA. You could get both permits, just had to pay extra for the second set of prints, notary stamp, etc.

    At the time, TX would not recognize a LA permit, but would allow a LA resident with a FL permit to carry.

    The instructor was Kay Clark Miculek, while she is not a lawyer, she is very familiar with firearms and CCW.

    All of this was five years ago, so always check state laws to make sure nothing has changed.
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    May not be a lawyer either but I did stay at holiday inn. Please turn to page 6. CC €411.173 of the Texas Department of Public Safety Concealed Handgun laws.
    The way I read this section is only if you are relocating to Texas. Are you allowed to start the process.
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    Also raises the question (for me) as to why not get a Texas CHL?
    As a Texas Resident with a Texas CHL you can carry a concealed handgun in the following states:
    •Alabama •Missouri
    •New Mexico
    •North Carolina
    •North Dakota
    •Oklahoma •Pennsylvania
    •South Carolina
    •South Dakota
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    i know there are a few trainers around se wis telling people that they can use utah permits as wis residents nov 1. our new law reuires wis residents to have a wis ccw license and carrying a out of state permit in place of wis ccw permit by residents is not permited

    just be careful since not everyone even trainers sometimes dont know the rules.
  8. Primeonly27

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    FL Non-resident ccw for Texan

    Why? Might be more of a hassle the first time around. If you finger print card dose not read and gets sent back. This may be more time and aggravation than it is worth. The FL Non-resident lic. is for people who live in states that don't issue them or have more bull**** gun laws that you can shake a stick it. Also Florida is a big tourist state and if you need a gun to make you feel safe when you leave Disney then ok pack your bags and your heat fill out your ccw application so that in about 6 to 9 months you can go visit FL and don't have to worry about any of the riff raft that floated in the other day looking for food and money.
  9. Jpyle

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    Not a lawyer either but trust me on this one, if a FL or UT non-resident CCW was recognized as a primary CCW in your home state every single gun owner in NJ, HI, IL, and MA would have them. The benefit of the non-resident license is the ability to carry in 29 or so OTHER states even though CCW is restricted where you actually live. For me personally I could hop the bridge into PA and carry, as long as I unload and case my gun before I return home to NJ, which does not recognize any other state's CCW permit.
  10. big_cigar

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    I am NY resident with a valid NY CCW and also a Florida NON resident CCW. I read on the Texas site that the recognize both the NY and Fl CCW. I will be going to Texas on a hunting trip and plan to bring a handgun. I believe that is permitted.

    Anybody have any other info that what I have found out?
  11. WilliamTF

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    Hey Big Cigar, I don't know the answer to your question. My guess would be yes. Out of curiosity wondering how you got one of those coveted NY ccw's ? Were you an leo in some capacity? The reason I'm so curious is I'm moving to PA about 10mn from the NY border and I've already been advised over the phone by NY's finest that if they were to catch me with a handgun in their state rendered inoperable ,hard cased , locked, ammo seperate in any capacity Id be arrested. I'm a ccw holder from VA. I called because on the way to my inlaws property in PA we double back through NY or we used to.
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    There is an I phone app by workman consulting labeled CCW that covers reciprocity between states and covers most of the major do's and don'ts at quick reference.
    He doesn't guarantee the info as legal advise, but I have researched some of the info and it appears to be accurate.
    Please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer or a legal aide, I just pretend to be one on forums!
  13. big_cigar

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    Ccw ny

    I am upstate NY, noy city.
    Not sure about any non resident for NY. I am a resident and have had my CCW for many years. Join one of the CCW boards.
    USA Carry - Concealed Carry Forum

    Even NJ lets you go through the state if locked away in trunk.
    Good luck