non-illinois resident, temporarily living in illinois

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    hello all,

    I know there are always questions about gun laws in illinois but i'm hoping that i could get guided in the right direction to get a better understanding.

    my situation:
    i am a michigan resident who attends school in chicago. i have an apartment there so i will not be on campus or in a dorm. recently, near campus, there has been some break and entries as well as violent "flash mobs" in various spots of the city so i have been slightly concerned for my safety. i live on the first floor of an apartment with easy access through my windows.

    now of course i know there is no concealed carry in illinois, however I do own handguns, shotguns and rifles back in michigan. so my question is what could I legally keep in my apartment? i'd be fine with just a mossy 500 in the apartment but i would like to know as a non-resident temporarily living in chicago, what are my rights and what could i legally get away with.

    i will not hold anyone responsible by considering any advice here as legal advice, but of course if someone could either point me in the right direction or submit information to me i would greatly appreciate it. thank you.
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    Chicago? Until the very recent Supreme Court decision, you could NOT own any guns in that town at all. Chicago has their infamous CAGE unit that's assigned to track down any guns inside the city and hassle gun dealers outside of the city when they can. If I were you, I'd check with the local BAR or a local attorney about what guns you can and can not legally have inside the city. With Emmanuel Rahm as the new Dictator of Chicago... errr... Mayor of Chicago, he may continue to obstruct private ownership of any and all guns inside the city.

    Chicago Anti-Gun Enforcement (CAGE) Program -- Chicago, IL

    "Cage" Unit Confiscating Citizens Guns

    And you might want to also ask about getting a FOID card too. In Illinois you're supposed to have a FOID card to own, use or possess any firearms or ammunition. The FOID card comes from the Illinois State Police out of Springfield, Illinois. FOID = Firearms Owner's IDentification.

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    apply for your foid card and just buy a mossy better be safe than sorry ;)
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    Transfer to a different school in a different state!
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    For cook county at the moment u can own anything till recently the ban was strickly on handguns inside cook county. If you will not be here long and ur drivers licence is from michigan you don't need a foid card.All really depends on how long u'll be here but i'd say your shoutgun should be perfectly legale. Of course double check that but thats wat info i've gathered