Non-electric deep-well pump

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  1. clr8ter

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    Does anyone here have a system to get water out of a deep artesian well? If you have a well like this, you have an unlimited water supply, if you can get it out.
  2. hiwall

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    artesian wells require no pump. they are free flowing.
    if it is a regular deep well you can maybe use something like this

  3. Pasquanel

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    Today the term artesian is used is used across the board for deep drilled or pounded wells. Hiwall is correct a true artesian well is free flowing and requires no pump this is relatively rare at least in my part of the country.
  4. Chainfire

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    Hand pumps will not lift water above about 30 feet, and less than that in higer altitudes. If the water table is below that level in your well, hand pumps are useless. The best method would be the old fashioned way, dropping a bucket, with a check valve in the bottom, down the well and drawing the water up with a rope.
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  5. c3shooter

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    Chainfire- you are correct- for a pump that operates on suction. The Bison and similar DEEP WELL hand pumps have the pumping mechanism at the bottom of the well- and can indeed work in a 200 ft deep well. However, the price on them begins to approach the price of an electric deep well pump. These are not the "pitcher pumps"- those are only good to about 25 feet.

    Besides the unit shown HERE: you will also need drop pipe, pump rod, and pump cylinder. These were made to be used with a windmill as well as hand pumped.

    Here is another- will pump to your house using existing piping- but again, check the price.

    SUCKING water is limited by the air pressure at your altitude, LIFTING water is not.
  6. clr8ter

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    Yes, I'm referring to a drilled deep well, with a 6 inch casing. I'll look into those links when I have more time later. Thanks.
  7. BillM

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    C3 is correct--it's OLD technology but none of the basics have changed.
    Pump cylinder at the bottom, push/pull rod out the top through a packing
    gland. Something to push/pull the rod. Windmill, single cylinder motor,
    small electric motor, human or animal power.

    Got involved in changing the pump leathers (cup shaped seals on the piston,
    located at the bottom of the rod). Royal pain in the whatever. 130 ft
    deep well, rod in 10 ft sections, if you drop it you are screwed. Fun.
  8. hiwall

    hiwall Well-Known Member

    Like mentioned, you can go to an antique store and buy a pump & cylinder. Put in new leathers(which are usually still made of leather) and be good to go. There is no new non-electric technology since the windmill. There are however solar powered submersible deep well pump systems.