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    Hi I am a service disabled vet. and I need your help.
    I am not looking for anything other than a chance for you to take a look at some NOGA tools I bought, and, if you need them, and, if the price is right, that you would consider purchasing from me...
    I have purchased a couple of pallets of assorted NOGA Machine tools, Dial gauge holders with or without magnetic bases, de-burring tools, mini cool spray units and more.... you can see all the items by going to and clicking the shop salvage island link.... Shipping is free, and I believe that my pricing is the best out there.
    It would be a great boost for me if you would take a look at what I have and to help spread the word about my site.

    Thank you!!


    Scott P. Williams
    CW-2 Medically retired
    U.S. Army Aviation
    Maryville TN