No respect for a single shot

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    I have more guns than I will admit. Well, the truth is I don't know how many I have. Counting guns just seems like a bad idea. Clearly you can't have to many, so why would you ever count them:rolleyes:? Rest assured that for the most part they are all locked up inside a hardened steel box that weighs half a ton.
    Anyway, I have guns of all actions and calibers. A gun for every critter or situation, and then a "Plan B" gun to back the primary up. I have "working" guns, and guns that lead a protected and cased life. Some guns get cleaned after every firing session, some get cleaned when they look like they need it:confused:.
    I have guns for deer that are different from my black bear guns. I have a gun for ground hogs that I wouldn't even dream of shooting at a coon. And pistols...... let's not even go there. Ammo? Favorite brands, weights, and styles carefully sorted and sealed in surplus ammo cans.
    Then there is my single shot shotgun. It's a New England Arms 12 gauge that I think Columbus brought over on the Mayflower (okay maybe not the Mayflower, but I've had it a long time). The single shot is in a garage utility room resting on two nails that I wrapped with duct tape. On a shelf under it is a box of shells from Walmart. I don't know what brand or shot size(probably 8), but I'm sure they were the cheapest shells they had. The door to the utility room isn't locked, if the gun is stolen I guess I'm out maybe forty bucks.
    Last night as I was putting out the trash, my cat alerted on something in the yard. At first glace I thought it was a possum, but after a closer look I saw it was an armadillo. Maybe the same armadillo that has made a mess of my yard and flower beds. It goes without saying that the "possum on the half shell" had to go.
    I grabbed my single shot and a round of the cheapest ammo Walmart sells and killed that armadillo. As I was putting the gun back up on the nails I couldn't help but think about the fact that the cheapest gun I own, is a primary go to gun:eek:.
    After a little thought it came to me that my single shot shotgun has taken more variety of game than any gun I own. Crows, lord yes. Squirrels, who's counting? Snakes, the only good snake is a dead snake. Coyote, there is only one way out of the barn and I had it covered. Woodchuck, don't sun yourself on top of my wood pile. Huge mutt of a dog, he won't growl and scare my girls again. Coon, possum, a beaver (now that is a good story), a bat, and some other things I won't admit to.
    So, for the first time ever, I cleaned my single shot shotgun today. I used steel wool to get some rust off (it's damp out there in the utility room). I even oiled it down. Then I put some fresh duct tape on the nails out there in the utility room and hung it back up. I figure in another 25 years I'll clean it again:D.
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    Absolutely great story my friend, thank you. ;)

    Loved the line about the coyote and the barn ..... LMAO

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    I have an old "long tom" single shot shotgun that looks like hell. It belonged to my granddad and he wasn't big on gun care or the choice of ratty looking recoil pad he slapped on it. Needless to say, it looks like crap on the outside. Inside is a different story. I've backbored it, tapered the forcing cone, ported it, and swaged the barrel/choke slightly for MUCH tighter patterns. It shoots extremely tight patterns of course. I can't begin to remember how much money I've made at turkey shoots or won bets on the dove fields and shooting informal clays with it. When I drag it out people laugh but quit laughing when they are outshot by it:D.