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    Local good news story

    Man in granny flat repels axe invaders

    Georgina Robinson

    October 14, 2010 - 2:10PM

    Three armed attackers were forced to retreat from a home on Sydney's northern beaches last night after the residents they encountered proved too great a challenge.

    Despite going to the house in Lantana Avenue, Collaroy, armed with a shotgun and an axe, the attackers were the ones who left with injuries following the botched home invasion.

    Police said the three men knocked on the front door of the home about 10.45pm. The female resident, 39, opened the door but quickly shut it again and called police.

    The men then started hacking at the door with their axe but were forced to try to go through the garage when that failed.

    Police said the attackers finally made it into a granny flat on the property but were confronted by a man who lived there and he appears to have been up for a fight.

    One of the attackers received injuries to his stomach during a confrontation between the four men.

    The three attackers eventually retreated, driving off along Veterans Parade in a white hatchback with black and yellow registration plates.

    Police arrived at the house a short time later.

    A 31-year-old man was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital with minor head injuries and some bruising.

    The three attackers are still at large.

    The man who was carrying the gun was described as being Pacific Islander in appearance and about 188 centimetres tall, with a solid build.

    He was wearing dark clothing and a hooded top.

    The second man is also described as being Pacific Islander in appearance, but shorter than the first man, with a solid build.

    He was also wearing dark clothing.

    The third man was described as being of solid build.

    Anyone with any information about the men or who may recognise the description of the vehicle is urged to contact Northern Beaches police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    Collaroy | Man in granny flat repels axe invaders

    That guy in the flat had balls!

    Of course if that Islander had decided to use the shottie they would have been stuffed :(
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    I presume that the term "granny flat" is equivalent to the US term "Mother-in-Law Apartment?"
    Dude had some serious stones.

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    A shotgun and an axe? The guy must clang when he walks. :cool:

    I just love a happy ending.