No big deal right ?

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    Early in the AM ,my coffee maker went terminal , ka-poot ...! :( welp , I jump in the truck and my wife screams wait , I want to come ! Oh no , from simple task to major quest , Hmmmm........

    Two hours later , she's ready . We drive to Wally-world and the speed of light , Shoooom....I'm there, $16.88 Mr Coffee , that's me ! :) The betrothed catches up and everything on the shelf now has possibilities ! :( After toying with everything on the shelf , color , do-dads , etc. We pick the $16.88 Mr Coffee 45 minutes later ! Didn't make past the juicer , blender shelf though ! I really didn't know how many choices a woman could conceive ! Watts , color , price function and all the newest , bestest technology anybody could care for but , this ain't anybody , this is my wife ! She's got her I on one looking more like an atomic-food-collider than a blender .....:confused: With it's array of 147 buttons , 14 speed turo-glide transmission , approval by John Force himself , a mind blowing
    14,000 rpms .........
    2 and a half hours later , next item , (Sheeeeeez) .... , the anti-matter juice separator ....:confused: .... All I wanted was a cup of coffee . No , that 's to easy so since we're out , let's pick up some things ! Auh things ...? Things !
    Ok , 4 hours later , we finished with "THINGS' and time to come home !

    The moral of this story , F&$k Columbia and coffee.........:beatingdeadhorse:
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  2. Balota

    Balota ... but I used to play keyboards.

    Look at it this way, by the time you got home it was 5 o'clock somewhere!

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    I bought my wife a fancy coffee maker. We get it home and she says it is too tight under the upper cabinet and she would like a small side cabinet. If we are building a cabinet make it worthwhile. We now have a large L extension to the kitchen cabinets with a granite top so she can work baking dough. 2 sets of triple drawers on full extension slides plus a pan section with a door all out of oak. Total cost ended up being $1500. I dont even want to think what it would have cost if I had not built it myself. I really doubt if it makes better coffee than a Mr Coffee but it did improve the kitchen.
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    You may have hit on something ! I tend to have an abrasive sense of humor , like Geoge Carlin , Don Rickles you know , the guys that would slap you into laughter ? :D with today's sensitivity and offensive nature , maybe I'll tone it way down !

    No big deal right rewritten .......! :). Just trying to get a laugh really ......
  5. Mongo

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    I've heard George Carlin's comedy described as "bitter, acerbic"