No.4Mk1 markings help

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  1. flyingbrickracing

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    Do any of you Know a good souce to ID ownership marks ?
    Mine appears to be a S.African but the "U" has a downward pointing arrow instead of an upward pointing one.
    Any thoughts/leads?
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    You need to post pics. I've said that before. Your interpitation may be completely wrong. Before you made it a paint job rifle, a proper ID would have been prudent. No Enfields were made in S. Africa. U was also used in Germany.
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  3. flyingbrickracing

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    It may have been prudent for you to read the OP,I didn't say anything about it being MADE in South Africa but OWNED by South Africa.

    Great Britan had many colonys and each one had there own mark of ownership and their own proof marks.My rifle has the S. African proof mark.

    I did do some research and I found that the rifle in question was MADE at R.O.F. Fazakerly in Birmingham.

    My information is based on what I found at the links listed below.

    As for my iterpritation being wrong,I know a "U" with an arrow pointing down when I see one.If you need a pic I can provide on but for now please try to take my word for it.

    Thank you for your help.

    BTW,If you happened to see the other thread regarding this rifle you would have known it was a PAINT JOB rifle with NO blueing when I bought it.So I didn't MAKE it a PAINT JOB rifle

    The Lee-Enfield Rifle Website
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    According to one of your links, you have an unusually marked rifle. I've not been able to find anything more on your upsidedown arrow U proof mark.. Try: Enfield collector
  5. Laufer

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    It's unfortunate that almost all markings seem to have been rubbed out either during the "FTR" process, or smeared/rubbed by too many human hands and chemicals over the decades?
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