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    Greetings Everyone!

    Starting immediately, we need you to send the following Tweets from now until Monday's vote:

    Listen to @SenatorLorettaW say she wanted to CONFISCATE all NJ guns bit.ly/16uqOh1 It's her voice yet she lies & denies #NJ2AS
    Listen to @SenGreenstein mock & disparage NJ gun owners bit.ly/16uqOh1 yet she claims it didn't happen. Another Dem #LIAR #NJ2AS
    Why is @LouGreenwald writing new laws that would have ZERO effect upon crime? Because he doesn't even know current NJ gun laws! #NJ2AS
    Why does @NJSenatePres claim to support the disabled, yet he wrote #NewNJGunLaws that directly target & attack the disabled? #LIAR #NJ2AS
    Does @SenatorLorettaWremember what happened to her relatives when Hitler CONFISCATED their guns? #NJ2AS pic.twitter.com/mATmFFUgzV
    Does @SenGreensteinremember what happened to her relatives when Hitler CONFISCATED their guns? #NJ2AS pic.twitter.com/Zoy7bDbqz9
    Every week we ask @LouGreenwald to show ANY proof that #NewNJGunLaws would have prevented Newtown. All we get is #CRICKETS #NJ2AS
    We DEMAND @SenatorLorettaW tell us exactly who paid the Newtown families' expenses when they testified in NJ about #NewNJGunLaws? #NJ2AS
    The Three Stooges of the NJ Senate @SenatorLorettaW @SenGreenstein & Cunningham THE CONFISCATORS #2A pic.twitter.com/fiTmTiHceH #NJ2AS
    Why does @NJSenatePres hate Women, Minorities, The Disabled & the Poor? His #NewNJGunLaws target those exact people #NJ2AS #2A
    #NewNJGunLaws are unconstitutional & trample #2A #4A #7A #8A Rights @GovChristie must VETO them or face 1M NJ gun owners/voters #NJ2AS
    Ask @SenatorLorettaW why she brought Newtown families to NJ to testify on laws that don't effect them? Who paid Loretta? #NJ2AS

    Please send them throughout the entire weekend and until Monday's vote on the remaining laws. It's easier to set them up to send automatically using PatriotJournalist.com If you use PatriotJournalist.com, please add #pjnet to your Tweets, it will help you get more followers and help spread our message further. Feel free to change these Tweets around, or add new ones that target the same people.

    As always, thanks to everyone for joining in. Do not stop faxing, emailing and calling, all the methods we use are equally important. Remember to Retweet & Favorite your fellow #NJ2AS Members' Tweets when you see them in your feed. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
    Warm regards,
    Amy Levine-Brittin
    (yeah - what SHE said)