NJ> 2012 CCW Proposal (A-1493)

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    NJ> 2012 CCW Proposal (A-1493)


    A-1493 for the Assembly and S-104 for the Senate to propose revisions to securing a permit to carry a handgun for the 2012-2013 Session.


    Since the link is FUBAR. Click the link, hit "Bills 2011-2013, then search by keyword... Bill A1493 is the reintroduction of the proposed bill A-1384 and S-69

    A1493 Revises procedures for securing a permit to carry a handgun.
    Law and Public Safety

    S104 Is the Senate Version of the bill

    Last Session Bill Number: S69
    Carroll, Michael Patrick S69
    Carroll, Michael Patrick as Primary Sponsor
    DiMaio, John as Primary Sponsor
    McHose, Alison Littell as Primary Sponsor
    Chiusano, Gary R. as Co-Sponsor
    Bucco, Anthony M. as Co-Sponsor

    Rumana, Scott T. as Co-Sponsor

    It was introduced under a new number this year 1/10/2012 and referred the Law and Public Safety Committee. I am unaware of any petitions going around, but ther should be some type of joint venture to attempt to express our voices to the legislature. As for the bill, it is the same bill as proposed in the previous S.69.

    And for those that live in District 10 ( you can search your representatives on the sidebar to the left) For those living in:
    Bay Head, Brick, Island Heights,Lakehurst, Lavallette, Manchester, Mantoloking, Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights,Toms River

    Republican Senator James W. Holzapfel happens to sit on the Law and Public Safety Committee charged with reviewing this bill. I would at least like to see a valiant effort by those in the area to call his offices and state your stance on S-104

    Republican Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin is also on the assembly's Law and Public Safety Committee and represents District 10 and shares the same office with the Senator above. .....A-1493

    852 Highway 70, Brick, NJ 08724
    Phone: (732) 840-9028

    (Reprinted with permission from njgunforums.com "With permission, I'd like to post this (in its entirety) in the Activism Section on THR."
    " Posted Yesterday, 10:15 PM
    *Granted* Please feel free to distribute to any medium that will spread the word of a bill proposed to further our 2A rights." )

    Detailed wording on the legislation...