Nitre Bluing

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by gooose, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. gooose

    gooose New Member

    Would like to nitre blue several small rifle parts and prefer to learn and do the work myself but really don't need a huge bucket of the salts. Does anyone know of a source for a small quantity around about a pound or an alternative?
  2. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Where are you purchasing the salts? I don't remember if Brownells has a smaller bucket or not.
    Check there, and look at the other things they have.
    (I would like to see pics when you are finished.) :)

  3. gooose

    gooose New Member

    Brownells only has the 10 lb pails. I'll be exploring other sources but I have a hunch that I'll soon be equipped to nitre blue for a lifetime.:D
  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    At one time, there was an "over the counter" item folks would take for headaches, sold as "Sweet Spirits of Niter". Dilute Ethyl Nitrate. It is no longer sold. You could use it to whip up a really nice Hot WATER Blue (not a caustic blue) Unless you can find someone that will sell you a bit of what they have, I think you are outa luck. You could use the Hot Water Blue for sxs shotguns- which you can't do with hot caustic blue. I have done a little caustic bluing, and made my salts from sodium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate (good eye and face protection is a MUST with that stuff)
  5. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I'll look to see if I have any left over from where I used to do different bluing. If I do I'll PM you. My wholesale price for 10# is only $44.31. You are aware that you use them "straight" right? Another option is rust bluing. It's a LOT of work but well worth the investment IF you have the patience.
  6. gooose

    gooose New Member

    Thanks Bear.:) I am already getting set up to rust blue the barreled action on the rifle and am just considering nitre bluing the cocking piece, bolt release, safety and bolts to add a little extra in appearance.

    Rust bluing is a lot of work but satisfying work and imho gives a better looking appearance than the faster hot bluing if you put the time and effort into prepping the metal. The barrel on my project rifle has some fine rust pitting that that I may have to resort to taking a fine polishing stone to then it's polish followed by more polishing.....then polish some more.