Nine years, new forum, same Z-Man...

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by Z-Man, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Z-Man

    Z-Man New Member

    ...hell, they even reserved my screen name for me!

    Yes, it is me...the same Z-Man who last posted at Perfect Union over nine years ago.

    As many of you know, Uncle Sam sent me on quite a "vacation." Not exactly a three-day tour, but, it was enough to get me to retirement.

    Of course, many things have changed since we last met.

    First, it appears Ruger stole many of my ideas and techniques for accurizing the Mini from my original posts on The Perfect Union nearly a decade ago. I'm still waiting on the royalties for this. Their new models cleary copy and infringe on my prior works...and I figure I'm owed at least $5,785,984. A certified check would be just fine.

    Second, after reading through thousands of old Perfect Union posts, it looks like a lot of you guys are over here now. Doesn't least I found you. Perhaps you'd like to join my petition to get a check from Ruger for $5,785,984. I'll throw us one hell of a party when it's cashed! Think drunken beer bash and Class III...with strippers!!

    Third, thanks to the guys at for making the Z-Man name available to me. I know it took a bit of "extra persuasion" to get, and it says a lot about the members and staff here that made it happen. When my $5,785,984 check from Ruger comes in, I'm gonna buy a banner ad...with flashing Class III's and strippers!

    Fourth, I'm hoping to be able to contribute something of value to this Mini community...beyond the beer and strippers. Seriously, as many of you already know, I have nearly three decades of experience testing, tuning, and trial-and-errorimg these types of weapons. I'm all about smart, simple, and safe techniques that can be used to get the most from a it accuracy or conditional performance.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you all...but the $5,785,984 check will help me tolerate it!
  2. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    Welcome, Z-Man. Great first post.

    I am not familiar with you from PerfectUnion, but look forward to your posts on FTF.

  3. towboater

    towboater Well-Known Member

    Welcome back Z-man.
  4. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Welcome to the FTF community.
  5. Z-Man

    Z-Man New Member

    The title 'Junior Member" juat cracks me up.

    I guess I'll have to learn something about Mimi-14's to gain credibility here, huh?!?!

    Since I want to make 'boom boom' before my wife goes to sleep, maybe one of the more senior members can help me ASAP. I'm guessing I have to put the pointy brass colored thingy into the hole protected by the spring-loaded thingy, and then slam it home, right? I know I'll need to have it pointed in a safe direction when I pull the trigger, 'cause lord knows I don't want to put anybody's eye out.
  6. Snakedriver

    Snakedriver New Member

    Well welcome home "junior" and thank you for your service. ;)

    I gave up on Perfect Union too. They seem to be into everything except firearms and especially Mini-14's these days. Politics, Religion and even BBQ seem to be the biggies.

    That's their problem I guess, this place seems to be full of friendly, knowledgable and well balanced firearms people that make it a fun place to hang out.

    I have an old 183-series Mini-14 that I bought new back in the early '80's that has always been a hoot to shoot. Messing with it a little to get the most out of it has been fun. I will look forward to hearing your ideas on accurizing.