Nikon Monarch vs. Buckmaster

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by almostgotme, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Im lookin at these 2 scopes for a .300 win mag that ive purchased. I know they arent zeiss glass but for about $400 they're pretty decent. I also know that the monarch series is supposed to be better quality than the buckmaster. If i were to buy one of these, the monarch would be a 4-16x42 mil-dot. The buckmaster would be 6-18x40 with a BDC reticle. Either way, i wanted to hear your two cents on these scopes.
  2. Axxe55

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    i have had the Nikon Buckmasters in 3-9x40, not bad, but prefer the Nikon Prostaff over it. my next Nikon will be the Monarch in 4-16x40. i am fixing to buy my father a Nikon Prostaff in 4-12x40 for his Winchester M70, that's wearing a 40 plus year old 3-9x40 Redfield scope. i am going to get it for him for Fathers Day early this year.