Nikon for savage axis

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by glockenstein, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. glockenstein

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    Just purchased an Axis in .308, with Bushnell 3x9x40 in a package.
    I am considering replacing the scope with a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5x14x40.
    Will the existing mounts and rings be able to be used with thevNikon?
    Would appreciate any experiences and advice.
    Thx to all.
  2. godale

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    dont want to mess this up. but on your nikon scope with the savage long action you could have a eye relief problem... depends on your eyes most folks who shoot savages and are eye relief sensitive use a egw one pieace mount. that way you can adjust the scope properly. i think weaver malkes something similiar for half as much. as i said it depends on your eyes.

  3. purehavoc

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    I have one in .223 and your scope rings should fit that scope as long as its a 1" tube it will work fine , I went with a bushnell banner in 6-24x40 for around $100 and its been a fantastic scope, the stock scopes that come on the axis arent even worth putting on ,
  4. Triumphman

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    Last I remember Godale, a 308 is a short action, unless you're thinking about something else.

    That Nikon will be quite the improvement over the factory package deal Bushnell scope. I have a Buckmaster in 3-9x40 on my cheap-a$$ Mossberg ATR100 in 30-06 and it's brought home lots of meat. Best improvement I made to rifle. Almost forgot. As long as that Buckmaster in 4.5x14x40 DOES NOT have "Adjustable Objective" it will fit in place of that Bushnell. However sometimes with a much longer scope, you might need to flip around the base mounts(keeping on same mount area) to let the scope's rings fit better with the scope's tube for support and eye relief if needed. This will give you around 1/2 to 1 inch play room between bases. Sometimes the base flipping doesn't work because of how a rifle's receiver is made. Just something useful I've had to do, for anybody's future needs.
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    guess i was thinking of sometning else:eek: