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    I was wondering what is the best (affordable) route to go with night vision. Have a hog and coyote problem. Its legal in my state by the way haha. But monocular? Binocular? Scope? And what brand works well. Never used any before but hate to pay alot and they dont work well. Thanks for any help
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    Your best bet would get on an AR Forum and see what those guys use. They're the most knowledgeable when it comes to scopes, scope add-ons, and anything else for Night Vision. Lots of those Guys are Military or ex-Mil and they know what works. What I've seen, it won't be cheap for good quality, but you'll get rid of some vermin and not worry about any mechanical failures.

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    The problem is with the cheap Gen 1 NV scopes is alot of them have to have a bit of light source like the moon to work decent and there still not the greatest Gen 2 jumps you in the $2000 range right away and it just escalates in price from there . Thermal is another option but it too is expensive . You could always go laser designator and use a regular scope thats the cheapest route and better than a Gen 1
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    Check out Lot's of info over there.
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    I looked at Night Vision stuff for a long time,and anything worth having will cost a minimum of around $2500.The good stuff is about double that,and the Thermal Imaging scopes will make you wish you could win the lottery.

    I have a ND-3 by Laser Genetics.While it isn't Night Vision,it does a decent job out to about 100 yards.I wish I would've bought the 40mm ND-3 instead of the 30mm,but I didn't want to spend an extra $100 without knowing if they worked good.They come with a mount for 1" scope tubes,and you can buy one for 30mm tubes.I use mine on my 458 SOCOM,I modified a detachable 1" scope ring that mounts on top of the built in rail on my Burris P.E.P.R scope mount.
    I also use a hand held spotlight with a red lens cover,and a remote controlled Go Light that I use on top of my truck,or on my ATV.I also have a red lens cover on it.Both of these lights will shine farther than you want to shoot at night.