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    Hey everyone,
    I've been researching night sights for my glock handgun and came across tritium night sights... after a little wiki research I have a few questions to those who have used them:

    1. are they really "self powered?" - meaning if I store my handgun in a very dark safe every night for 4 weeks in a row (without taking it out during daylight), and an intruder comes along at 3am, will my tritium sights glow at all? glow very dim?

    2. how bright are they really after 5 years? 10 years?

    3. how effective are they at night/low light ... meaning can you acquire targets better / faster than without them?

    Thank you in advance,
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    First answer: yes they are self powered, no need to recharge. Storing a firearm in the dark has NO effect on them. They never dim out.

    Second answer: most are guaranteed for 10 years,they do last for a VERY long worries

    Third answerr: low light or dark target aquisition is very good, target(s) is easlily lined up for accurate shot...alot better than traditional 3 dot sights or factory sights.

    Trijicon...tru-glo.....meprolite... all are a good choice
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  3. c3shooter

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    Tritium is a form of hydrogen that is radioactive. The light comes from the nuclear radiation- just like a good, military quality compass. They do not STORE light- they MAKE it. Over a LONG period of time (years) the nuclear material consumes itself, and light level starts to decrease- but GOOD sights, as said, are guaranteed for a long time.

    Yes, they are bright enough to work- they do not illuminate the target, but DO allow you to align front/rear sights so it is pointed at where you think target IS, and not in some random direction.

    Some folks panic when they learn these use radioactive material, and are concerned about radiation. Well, I would not chew on one, but if you have a granite counter in your kitchen, or ever fly on an airplane for 3 hours, you will get more radiation from THAT than 10 years of carrying a pistol with a night sight.
  4. fpdsniper

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    Yep, night sights are great. All my pistols have them. If you want a set, I can give you a great price on them. I carry Trijicon, Meprolight, and Tru Glo. Just send me a PM with your pistol info for a price quote.
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    Everyone is hitting the mark. I like to use TRUGLO TFO sights. They have tritium globes that are super bright at night, and they also utilize fiber optics to get a very clear sight picture in bright light.

    I also have Trijicon sights on one of my other pistols. They are pretty effective.
  6. alljack6298

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    Thanks for all your help... I will definitely consider it more now! I'm going to the range with a friend who has it on his pistol and I will see for myself too.