Night Sights for a Rock Island Armory Goverment Full Size???

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    Hi i was at the range shooting my Rock Island Armory Goverment Full Size and i noticed when i was home. That the front sight had broken off which is good because now it will be easier to install some long awaited. Night Sights the only thing is i hear that the the RIA GI Sights are different from that of a Colt for example. Otherwise i would just get online and buy Night Sights that Fit a Colt Goverment Full Size. Then install them on my RIA 1911 but it turns out the size or something is different. I forgot what size and/or angle he said they have to be.

    ( It just seems weird that a Colt GI 70 series sight size and angle would be different then my RIA GI 70 Series ) Personally i just think the salesman wanted me to buy his sights at his shop which were a little over $200 Then $75 for installation. No Thank you i will buy them and install them myself.

    I would like to have a 3 dot glow in the dark platform any brand you would recommend??????

    The pistol is the Rock Island Armory M1911-A1FS Goverment 70 Series

    What is the Sight Size and angle??????

    Thanks for your helpful answers in advance.
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    I like Truglo sights

    The World's Most Advanced Line of Fiber Optic Sights | TRUGLO, Inc.

    I like Truglo sights. My 50 year old eyes can see them without glasses.

    I had some Truglo sights installed on my Kimber. I have not felt the need to purchase sight pushers, etc. required to DYI pistol sights.

    Sorry, I don't know the measurements you are seeking. Have you checked RIA's website for information on compatible night sights.