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Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by trainer343, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. trainer343

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    I would like your thoughts on night sights on you SD handgun.

    Just how necessary do you think they are?

    I mean thru my experiences in being a firearms trainer and being involved in different high stress situations sights are the furthest thing from your mind or eye.

    Also if it's to dark to see your weapon in your own hand you really should not pull the trigger. I would say a flashlight would be a better bet.

    Save the money you spend on N/S and get more practice ammo!:D

    Your thoughts are appreciated!
  2. NGIB

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    This will cause as much fighting as an OC vs CC thread for sure. Personally, they are not something I demand on my guns and I've never installed any on the guns I own. (I do have 1 or 2 that have them though)

  3. lonyaeger

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    Seems like you answered your own question very well!
  4. robocop10mm

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    Night sights are nice, but...they do not illuminate your target. If you plan on using stealth to engage a target in poorl lighting, be prepared to answer some pretty serious questions about why you shot the target. Weapon mounted lights will enable you to IDENTIFY the target, but they will give away your position. Lasers are worse than useless IMHO.

    Personally, I like to have night sights and a good flashlight at all times.
  5. hillbilly68

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    ^ what he said. Can't hurt to have 'em (tritium sights). However a 123 powered light is a MUST have.
  6. Tackleberry1

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    I've got many guns with them but don't demand them.

    I am thinking of adding crimson trace laser grips to my CC gun for two reasons.

    1. I know if I ever need to fire at a threat I'll be to focused on the threat to think about my sights and...

    2. I think there can be a signifigant "deterent" factor in putting a red dot on a criminals chest. If that means I end the confrontation without firing, all the better.

  7. JonM

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    i find them distracting. i have been trying to get rid of the ones off my CZ97BD. in dimlight the lack of a defined white dot makes the sights very difficult to pickup. i prefer plain white 3 dot or dot over dot white. the ones my CZ came with have a white ring around the lunimescent dots that are supposed to be an aid but htey are worthless.

    im not a fan of nite sights.