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    Hello friends, I have an XD-40 Subcompact, and I'm shopping around for some night sights. I'm considering Tru-glo TFO's. My question is: Is there a signifigant advantage in having the front sight a different color? Or is the ones with all the same color sufficient for me? The only application I'll use the night sights & pistol for are home defense & occasional CC. Thank you.
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    Yes, I like to keep the front sight a different color from the rear. Does it matter,
    Hard to say as the rear sites have two dots and the front site only one, but I do prefer a different color. One thing many don't realize about nite sites is the Yellow & Green colors will glow longer than any other colors...

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    I have green front and yellow rear and really like the set up.
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    Gato here

    I would consider orange dots on the rear sights and green on the front, being the front sight the one on target specifically.

    Having said that, I'd like to suggest you consider the glow-on super phosphorescent for the task: [​IMG]

    On the same note, we manufacture it on two versions: The Glow-on pigment and the Glow-on Self adhesive, which is the stick on form.

    Recently we've working on a new material which is a bright orange, which we think would be a nice proposition for a day sights color, the reason being:
    It takes very little light and just a fraction of a second for it to glow very brightly, hence it is visible all the time as long as there is some light around. The limitation is the glow only last af ew minutes vs. the green .

    Anyways, so far we are testing the orange in the form of dots, which are to be applied with the help of a small brush handle, ( If the size of your dots on the gun is smaller just cover with the supplied dot , just make sure is corrrectly centered over it).

    some old pistols and .22 ruggers and rifles with plain iron sights make it easier since we onl;y would need to put the dots in place.

    Note: Colorless transparent nail polish, two or three layers of it are necessary since the adhesive wouldn't hold firmly, beeing the adhesive area so small ( ( 1/8" )

    Here a picture: ( we like to take our picture in just dim light, not absolute darkness to show the true potential of the luminescent material).

    Here is the proposition:

    WE will include for as long as we are beta testing this orange material, What is left of September and the month of October, a few orange dots and a few green dots at no cost with the purchase of a single vial ( $13.31 s&h included)

    Just write on the instructions to the seller space the words:
    "Firearms talk, please send Orange dots".

    My friends on this forum which already purchased Glow-On, just PM me, I'll check against my email client list and send the orange dots via usps at no cost and at their request.