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  1. Sooie

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    i put this in this forum under Personal Protection because the optics/acc forum seemed dead.

    layin in bed the other night got me thinkin; I need a flashlight. I dont even own a flashlight!

    so, what do yall keep on/in/around the night stand?

    id use it for just about everything too; truck, camping, night time activities, etc...

    something good, durable, and practical for under $100.

  2. mrm14

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    I have a 20 year old MagLite. The size that takes 4 D cell batteries.

  3. BigO01

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    For every kind of use from working on the car at night when needed to working on machines at work , night stand etc. etc for the last 6 years or so I have depended on Dorcy LED lights . This is the exact , model I have two of Dorcy 41-4275 3AAA 3-Watt Aluminum Flashlight: Home Improvement and that price is less than I paid for them at my local Sears store .

    I also recently bought one of these that is almost twice as bright as the first one but the switch on it has gone out and I am going to have to return it and get another one , I don't think those multi switches that have a high/low setting are as dependable as the simple on off ones as I tried a similar light of a different brand a few years ago and wound up returning it for a complete refund after exchanging it a couple of times for the same thing happening as has happened with the Dorcy recently .

    I use my LED's with rechargeable NiMH batteriesand have since getting them years ago and still have most of the original batteries I bought , I would probable have them all if my kids had been more responsible and paid attention to the fact that they were rechargeables and not tossed them instead of giving them back to me when they went dead .

    With practice and the Chapman hold this size of light is perfect even as a defensive light and with the LED bulbs despite being dropped many many times they still work perfectly .
  4. CA357

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    I have a small SureFire light on both nightstands. I also keep one in the SUV. I also have an old 3 D battery Maglite that floats around the house. It feels very good in the hand and can leave a lasting impression on someone.
  5. Pat-inCO

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    :D Katie bar the door! This should be a L O N G thread. :D

    I have several. First I recommend LED lights with a minimum of 3 watts output. There are many available from $29/pair at Sam's Club to way over $100 at a PD supply house. The LED lights use up a LOT less battery for the same (or more) light.

    On the subject of light output, I prefer those with at least 150 lumen output (roughly 3 watts). The four watt (around 200 lumen) are really great, but use up more battery (DUH!).

    The least expensive, yet well worth the money seems to be the Lumaforce-LF1 (currently on for $39.99 ea). Not anywhere near the 300 lumens advertised but well over 150 lumens (read that BRIGHT!). I - far - prefer the single function (on/off only) rather than the five or six function that you have to click through to get it turned off.

    Another one that I found at Target is a "Life Gear" 4 watt (a bit over 200 lumen) for about $40 (don't remember exactly). A bit larger than the Lumaforce but still quite reasonable.

    The all time best (but not a night stand size) was the Husky from Home Depot for $25. They discontinued then about six or eight months ago ( SIGH!). They seem to expect instant sales bananza when they put out a product. It was available for less than a year (I scarfed up three of them - ZERO problems).
  6. DrumJunkie

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    I keep a mag light by the bed. I'll use about anything that throws a good beam out. I even have a couple cheap things with a bunch of leds in them that work OK. But those mostly get used for digging around my pile of computers or tinkering with other projects.
  7. jbd

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    I like Maglite. Its what i have been using since I was a kid and they take standard batteries easy to find and stock up on.
  8. Jo da Plumbr

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    I have a rechargeable next to the bed. A small size made by Streamlight. I like the rechargeable because with the charging stand next to the bed I can always see when SHE has borrowed it and not put it back. Also the red LED on the charging unit gives enough light to see the room at night.

    In all the vehicles I have large Mag Lights. Hammers and crowbars in the car get bad reactions if the police see them. Mag Lights slide by. Got to remember only the robbers and the rapists carry guns here in LA.:eek:

    I also keep a three cell Mag Light in the den by the back door. Came in handy one night when I heard a disturbance and ran out back. Roscoe was fighting with a Raccoon and as I went out the door another raccoon charged at me from the top of the block wall. I smashed it in the head with the Mag Light. Gives a good solid resounding THUNK!
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  9. Pat-inCO

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    I have several Streamlight rechargables and my main objection is the $20 battery. If you use it - very - frequently (as in almost daily) they last a long time. If you use it two or three times per month, you end up replacing it every twelve to eighteen months. Since the standard alkaline battery has a shelf life of five years and the CR123 have a shelf life of ten years, I like them a lot more.

    I agree that multiple Maglights are good to have, but not for bed-stand use. The Maglight that almost fits as a bed-stand light is the two C cell unit. I replaced the standard bulb with an LED unit and it is very nice (light=$19, LED unit=$19). All that said, a 4D unit (about $25 + batts) can make a real impression, if needed - AND it gives you a lot of light. :D
  10. mrasgt

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    I am an expert.....

    Only because I have spent $$$$$$$ on flashlights for work.Trial and error. My life depends on the right light.

    So here goes:

    1. If you need to put out hundreds of lumens standby with a good credit card Read$$$$$ Some can be up to 500.00:eek:

    2. You need to make a decision about LED vs. Non LED. I don't like LED so much as some of my brothers. It does not throw a "sharp" spot type of beam. But they keep coming out with new LED technology all the time. So check out the difference, it may be different for you.

    3.I have the brightest light available from Streamlight, about $140.00. That's the one I get out of the car at night with,dozens of times a shift, nice beam, reaches out nice.

    4. I have a Streamlight Scorpion on my belt as back up.

    5. I have 2 Streamlight SL 20 in my gear bag right next to me in the cruiser.

    6. I have a Streamlight Stylest in my uniform pocket, for those little jobs.

    I know, to some of you it sounds like over kill, but come on out with me for a 12 hour dark shift and you might see why I have what I have.

    Now for the home:

    1. I have about 6 flashlights if different parts of the house, not including weopon mounted lights.

    2. Most of these lights are a mix of cheap LED and non LED lights that take CR 123 lithium batteries. Some have an adjustable spot, some throw a wide area, good for lighting up rooms. Again, try some for your preference.

    Now is the time I warn you about CR 123 Lithium batteries. Thay don't last long. Period. However, thier shelf, non used, life is excellent. That seems good for those of us that want flashlights around the house that MUST work the first time.

    Now for the BEST advice I can give you guys.

    If you plan on having a ready, defensive firearm in the house, next to the bed, in the closet, next to your wife or girlfriend or both, A. It must be loaded and safe.
    B. You MUST have a light source right next to it, NO EXCUSES.

    I did not go into all the brands, makes and types here. It would require a book.

    I just offer my experience and forethought, your's may be different.

    I hope this helps someone, I'll answer any questions I can.

    Stay safe, stay armed and trained,


  11. billdeserthills

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    The Sam's Club flashlights are great & I hear the ones sold at Costco are good & Cheap Too ( I prefer to shop Sam's Club-they obviously believe in the 2nd amendment as they allow shoppers to remain armed when shopping.)
  12. Sooie

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    all wonderful info. maglites are awsome, i grew up on 'em.

    the new and hip lights "LEDs" arent bad either. actually, cleaned out my truck this mornin, found a small 3inch LED i got from a gas station once upon a time. it worked! lol. 3 AAA batteries.

    this will work til i research the right one. keep that info comin in. rechargeable seems good because it would technically last forever.
  13. canebrake

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