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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by number1, Jun 5, 2007.

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    I have a problem pig on my property. The pig only comes to the feeder in the middle of the night. The local game warden told me the regulations are if I am caught hunting, at night, with a gun capable of taking deer, I would be considered poaching deer. I know the local game warden and he told me I would be fined if caught. My property (120 acres) is in the Texas hill country. I always thought that you could shoot problem animals including deer on your property. Any suggestions?
  2. A5Mag12

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    See if you can get a nuisance animal permit. Or trap it and shoot in when the sun comes up.

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    Here's my 2cents and its worth what it cost you.
    Step 1: Make very good friends with local law inforcement!!
    I had a problem with a neighbor's dogs running my deer. The neighbor called the sherriff when I told him I would shoot a dog running deer on my land. The sherriff told us both that on my property, any dog without a collar was a coyote and any dog with a collar was a coyote with a collar. Just because I don't live on my hunting property doesn't mean that i don't have rights.
    Step 2: Good comunication is key.
    I wanted to spotlight coyotes and pigs on my place, so i contacted the local game warden and told him what I wanted to do. He asked what guns I wanted to use and when I thought I'd be out. I invited him out to check me out if he wanted to. He said that it wasn't the folks that invited him out that bothered him, it was the ones trying to hide what they're doing that made him curious.
    Step 3: If all else fails, do like A5Mag said and buy or build a trap. Pig traps are cool and can be a ton of fun. Another neighbor has a small trap, 4x4x8, that he pus out for fun and I have seen 11 pigs in that little trap. Mind you, the biggest weighed 105, but they sure ate good.
    Sorry for the long post.
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    Get some Gen-2 night vision and a 30 cal suppressor. Problem solved.
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    I would use a .22, most LEO's don't consider them to be a "deer capable" gun. In any event, pigs are usually not that hard to locate, they leave plenty of signs and are going to be very near water. Find his wallow and you should be able to find him. I have killed a 250 lb sow with 1 round in the ear from my HD Military. Not very sporting but effective.