Nickel and dimming

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    I guess back when I first started reloading all I thought I needed was a few things to get started.

    If I had only wanted to reload say a straight walled handgun cartridge like a .357 mag I could of got off cheep by just getting a Lee hand loader. Sense I wanted to reload all the cartages I shot a Lee hand loader would not do, so I bought the normal stuff everyone else bought for reloading.

    RCBS press
    Dies for each cal.
    Press shell holders for each cal.
    A little dandy powder dispenser
    One bushing for the powder dispenser
    A set of Redding balance scales, (sense there were no digital scales back then)
    Lube pad and lube
    A Sierra reloading manual

    Well not many people back then helped people get started in reloading and many would not even give much advice as to what was needed so I had to learn the hard way. A lot of the stuff I found out as I got going, and some things I found to be a help even though not really required.

    The stuff I should of got with the initial set up.

    Lee hand primer and shell holders for each cal.
    Different powder bushings for each powder load.
    An adjustable RCBS powder dispenser for the rifle cartages.
    Case trimmers
    Primer pocket reamers
    Flash hole deburing.
    Deburring tool for trimmed cases
    Powder funnel
    Powder trickler
    Inside neck lube brush
    A good set of hex wrenches
    A good stiff and sturdy reloading bench
    A good set of hand calipers
    Case tray for holding the cases in

    The things over the years I have found to make life in reloading a little easer.

    A cheep paint brush to dist off and sweep up the workbench.
    A bore light, (Small cheep flexible flash light)
    Note pad and ink pin
    Small 3-inch steel machinist ruler
    Good digital calipers
    Small shop wet/dry vac
    Digital scales
    Small set of vice grips and pliers
    Small screwdriver set
    Medium sifter and Small 1 gal plastic bucket
    Workbench light
    Trashcan for the bench
    Small and large storage bens and drawers
    Shop rags/old towels or both

    There are a lot of other stuff on can get to make reloading life easer, but what I am showing here is that this hobby can nickel and dime you to death. There is always something new that we all drool over in the reloading community and some times we do get it but most times we just dream.

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    You are right but you can get started fairly cheap. The Lee haters will come out on this one but I got a Lee 4 hole turret kit. It came with everything I needed to reload one caliber which for me was 45acp. It was very simple equipment but it did the job. I've added to it overtime and I continue to add to it. I think the kit cost me around $150 if I remember correctly and I've been using it for several years now.

    I was able to pick up all my shotgun presses on ebay for super cheap so when I need to I can reload them as well.

  3. opaww

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    You can get a 4stage lee press from midaway right now for $159 with on set of pistol dies
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    Good stuff there, opaww, and since I am just now getting started, I will use a lot of your advice. Getting set up TODAY as a matter of fact, so your timing is perfect!
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    Lee Haters?? Eff them. My first press was a Lee Turret. Great press. Sorry I ever sold it.
  6. Rick1967

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    I actually started with the Lee hand Press. I bought it for about $25 on I now have an RCBS rock chucker and hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. I have gotten some for Christmas gifts. My wife is an awesome woman. But I have also gotten great deals at yard sales.

    When I got that hand press I was loading 38 special and 308 Win. It is a lot easier with the bench mounted press though.

    That hand press is great for preping brass. I will sit in my recliner and watch tv while I size, deprime and expand my pistol cases.
  7. joshfireart

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    my first reloader was a Lee Load all loaded hundreds of 270 win rounds. bullets brass powder primers and a plastic hammer. wow life was good
  8. patret

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    I missed the Tumbler part of your post. Clean brass is essential for reloading. Lee is Ok by me. I use a lot of Lee products along with many others. You can never own enough reloading tools.

  9. opaww

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    I forgot to put the tumbler in there someplace
  10. 11B-101ABN

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    Nickles and Dimes

    Opaww : you got me thinking.....I think we all do that buildup thing you describe....I think that's why a lot of the on line suppliers have "wish lists". But it's not different than many other hobbies. I got a buddy that is into Bowling big time.....He once told me that he has 39 bowling balls, and spends about $10k per year on fees, shoes, gloves, cleaning equip, tournaments, travel and motels. You got a Harley shirt on the picture....I got a drinking buddy that admits to spending over $20k turning an old XLCH into a real nice scooter, but he never runs out of things to put on that machine. It's just what we do.
    In 1967 I was real impressed with my M-16 in much so that upon returning home I started my weapons collection with an Armalite AR-180 and learned to reload .223. The bug never let go, and I now have the capability to load 6 handgun and 9 rifle calibers. Along with all the stuff I tried that did not work, and all the stuff that did, I bought a lot of things for loading, casting, measuring, sizing, lubing, cleaning, chronographing, record keeping, spotting scopes, range bags, and targets. I keep good records, and have receipts for over $35k over the past 4 decades and that does NOT include any weapons.
    I'm just glad I never took up golf!!!!
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    Probably a lot of us ole Nam Vets were struck by that bug. I've spent about half of what you did, but you had a 20 year head start on me . Good thing we're getting old, or we'd have to expand.:p
  12. 11B-101ABN

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    Roger that...too late. ETS (Army) 1969 190 lbs. Retirement physical last month....290 lbs. I've expanded allright.
  13. paul

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    basic reloading equip

    Excellant job of informing us, thank you. I have every single piece of equip. you have written, and then some. I started with the Lee Anniversary, single stage. I never use the scales, use the digital ones, for $15.00, have 3 sets, from Harbor frieght and e-bay. I load .223, 9mm, 45acp, 40, 10mm, 38/357, 308. I like to use/buy Lee loaders, for $25.00 at Cabelas. I can load 30-06 and 7mm, a bullet a minute, more or less. Those are great way to start out with 30caliber loads, 30cal for M1 good example. Hard to believe that 30cal is $22.00 box of 50. Man, that stuff used to go for pennies, I know, sound like an old timer, I am old though, :), in age not in life.:)