NHL Realignment- I love it!

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    The NHL just passed a new realignment map, pending union approval. I you can probably assume, Im a Red Wings fan (living in Florida.) I absolutely love this proposal. Especially for Detroit, this means the Wings will significantly reduce the amount of travel. They are currently in the Western Conference while residing in the Eastern Time Zone. Playoff games suck for Detroit fans because our usual California opponent games dont start until 10:30pm. They other proposal that I absolutely love is that every team travels to every team every year. This means I get to watch a Wings-Lightning game every year in Florida (last year there was literally more Wings fan at the Tampa game then Lightning fans). Plus, NHL cashcows like the Wings will bring money to other cities because they would actually sellout a couple games. Another caveat it the playoff structure. There would be 4 conferences. No more 6 divisions with 2 conferences. Each conference gets 4 playoff teams. The first two rounds are only conference opponents. I believe this will lead to to more hated/bloody/awesome rivalries. Sure it means less playoff series against teams you rarely play, but because you see the same teams year after year, heated rivalries generate money. Then after the first two rounds the conference champs are resead 1-4. So instead of having East-West champs playing for the cup, you can possibly see a Detroit-Colorado cup, or a Boston-Pittsburg cup. I think it makes for more interesting Stanley Cups, because now teams that always played in the early rounds can know see each other for the Cup. Like I said earlier, I absolutely love. Is this perfect for Detroit, no; but I think its the best for the NHL overall. I hope NHL gets bigger than it is. People dont realize it, but the NHL playoffs are more minute by minute exciting than all of the other sports, and Im a football guy.

    For those in the know, I would have dreamed for an all Original 6 conference. That would generate alot of money, but not for the other 24.

    NHL Realignment, A Primer: Four Conferences, Revamped Playoffs Among The Change - SBNation.com

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    Yup, I love it too, my only beef is taking Tampa and putting them with Boston, Montreal, Ottowa....they should stay with Carolina, pretty good rivalry there but not anymore I guess...

    GO BRUINS!!!