NHL Lockout

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Daoust_Nat, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Daoust_Nat

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    Some of you have to have noticed that the NHL is not playing. The players are locked out due to a collective barganing contract.

    As a die hard hockey fan who grew up in Philly and has been a Flyer fan since the early 70s, and a Tampa Bay Lightning fan since the early 90s as I am now a Floridian, I am missing the game! In fact, my M&P Shield is as likely concealed today with a Flyer tee shirt as it is with a Lightning tee shirt.

    Since some of the NHL players and executives have to be shooters, maybe not as many as the NBA, but.............. Lets give em some love and maybe they will go back on the ice.

    Maybe we need a collective "conceal your carry gun with a NHL team tee shirt day."
  2. AsSeenOnTV

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    Daoust, those Penguin / Flyer playoffs last year were the best thing on TV. I do hope they start up soon.