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    The first round of the NFL Draft is over. My team got the best player in the draft. Ndamukong Suh baby!!!!!! Should have won the heisman. And we arguably got the top RB in the draft, Best from Cal. He was taken later than expected because he sat 4 games do to a concussion.

    Hell yeah! Excellent first round for the DETROIT LIONS!!!

    Here is a video of him on sports science. This kid is a freak. Scientifically shows how he is a physical stud of a football player.

    [ame=]YouTube - Sports Science:Ndamukong Suh[/ame]

    Here's hoping to the retirements of Rogers and Cutler, and hopefully retires Favre for good.

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    No better fan than a true fan. And to be a Lions fan you must be. Being a Bengals fan myself I know all too well just how empty the bandwagon can get.