NFA Trust and making a new machine gun

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    I once again sat down perusing the Internet for information on NFA Trust facilitating, making and owning a new machine gun.
    Seems ATF, if I understand, under Obama ruled a Dealer could only transfer a machine gun to an individual, and a Trust or Corporation is not a person despite Citizens United.
    They seem to say a Person is a person but not a person in one sentence.
    The only way I can afford a machine gun is to produce it myself/convert a firearm myself.
    I I had to it would still be cheaper to buy a mill and make it from raw stock, than 200.00 tax stamp and 25,000.00 or an old and half worn out machine gun. At my age I'm not much into doing the machine shop thing.
    Ironic I was forced to by draft to operate machine guns for a couple years plus and maintain it but now I may not even touch one. I was glad I went, don't get me wrong on that.
    We could use an active on staff NFA Trust Attorney here.
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    from my best understanding of the laws and regulations of the BATFE even with the proper FFL and BATFE paperwork and permits, you cannot manufacture any fully auto firearms except for the use by the military, or law enforcement.

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    Tinbucket,I'm sorry,But you cannot own or possess a "New" machine gun unless you have a manufacturing license,or are LEO or Government job related.
    The only machine guns that can legally be transferred to individual's or Trust are the ones that were registered on the NFA national registry by the deadline in 1986.

    Unless you have a boat load of money,and know someone that has a new unfired machine gun that just happens to be listed on the registry,you are SOL on owning a "New" machine gun.
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