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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Dizzll, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Dizzll

    Dizzll New Member

    Hey all, I'm about to get another baby soon. I have it narrowed to a Glock17, Glock 26, and XDm 9mm...

    What I am looking for is a shootable gun primarily for range, I have ccw and carry a Glock 30 most times. I enjoy shooting 9mm the most and that's why I have narrowed to these 3. Also one of my req's is that it has a 15+ capacity. The only reason the 26 is on this list is because I thought maybe if the accuracy is decent I could use it as a pocket or back-up carry weapon also, but again primarily range. Thoughts and opinions appreciated. Don't worry about ergonomics and such as I have fired all weapons and the angles fit me well. I have only owned Glocks and have heard such great things about the Xd's I'm considering it.
  2. ScottA

    ScottA FAA licensed bugsmasher Lifetime Supporter

    They are all good guns. Which one fits you the best? Personally, I don't care for the way Glocks feel, but I love my XDm.

  3. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    The best way to find out if you like the XDm or Glock platform more is to rent 1 at your local range. Since you already carry a Glock then perhaps you should think about that. You'll already be used to it. They're both good guns. Personally I wouldn't mind an XDm in .45 to try out.
  4. gatopardo

    gatopardo New Member

    I would go XD all the way, I've tried really to like glocks, and rented them I prefer my xd although it is an XD 40 S&W, mine didn't have night sighs but i apply a little stuff from and here it is:
    My is a little snappy but 40 calibers are snappy anyways as they carry more pressure than .45's
  5. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    If you should decide on another Glock, definitely consider the Model 19. I think it will fit your purpose well. Larger and more range friendly than the 26 and not as unwieldy as the 17.

    The XD has an entirely different feeling to me and almost seems top heavy.

    That said, the only one of your choices that I've owned was the G19. However, I handled them all many, many times when I worked at the gun shop. I was considering buying an XD9 SC at one point and handled one a bunch.
  6. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    If it were me, the XD would win without a question. IMO, they are a much better weapon. Give them all a try and see which one you like best.
  7. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    I'm with Don on the G19. I love my G26 but needed to do a grip reduction on it to feel that way.
  8. utf59

    utf59 Member

    Of the three you listed, I would choose the XDm for a range gun. I own Glocks, but I have shot XDs that belong to friends, and I like both. For a range gun, though, the match grade barrel and full-size frame would be nice. And the extra long grip is a plus for the extra capacity; and if you aren't going to carry it, you don't need to conceal that long grip.

    If you decide you do prefer the feel of the Glock, have you considered a G17L or G34 (longer-barreled 9mm)? If you're going to be shooting targets, the longer barrel and sight radius would be a plus.
  9. ET1

    ET1 New Member

    Instead of the Glock 26 which is a 9mm gun you might want to consider a 27. It is a 40s&w that you can convert to 9mm by buying a Lone Wolf or Storm Lake conversion barrel. That way you will be able to shoot both out of the same gun. You can also buy a 357sig barrel for it and have the choice of all three rounds. The 9mm conversion requires 9mm mags as well as the barrel, but the 357sig uses the 40s&w mags so it's just a barrel purchase. Just a thought.
  10. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    I would suggest that you keep with the platform you are most familiar with.
    Remember that you are not the only one in your house and if the Other Member is trained on one, then transition to another handgun of the same platform is no big deal.
  11. Flint Rock

    Flint Rock New Member

    You did not mention the Glock 34, but it also would be a good choice for you. Uses the same mags and carrier as your 17, and the same holster if your holster has an open muzzle. A little extra barrel and a little less muzzle flip so follow up shots are faster. Best of all, it's the same platform you are experienced on.
  12. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    I hope y'all were listening. "Range gun" means lead downrange, not protection abilities. 9mm is a whole lot less expensive than .40. I don't see a reason to go to the 27 or 22.

    However, there isn't too much of a benefit to the 17 over the 19. The 19 can still sort of be carried, but the 17 is a lot tougher because of its longer grip. The 19 can still hold 17-round mags from the 17.

    Still, if I had it to do over again, I might have gone with XDm instead of Glock.

    But, actually, I'm going to go 1911 ASAP. I know you don't want that talk going on here, though.
  13. beaglesam

    beaglesam Active Member

    Glock 17 Gen4

    I just purchased the Glock 17 Gen4. A completely different feel than the Gen3. I've shot 250 rounds that new spring has taken much the the recoil.
  14. Biohazurd

    Biohazurd New Member

    personally of those listed i would go with the xdm, I like them much more then glocks, even though i have a g17 that i have a 33rder in as one of my home defence handguns. I like the feel of the grip much more. But as stated numerous times it is all about what gun feels the best to YOU.

    HOKIE_FAN New Member

    They are all fine weapons but the only one I have personal experience with. I have the XD-9 and love it. 3000 rounds and no failures.