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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Millerlite, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Millerlite

    Millerlite New Member

    I've been comtemplating and researching my next AR for months now and am close to pulling the trigger.

    I have a palmetto state armory lower I bought last year sitting around. I also have all the components for the lower except trigger (do have stag LPK if I just want to use that trigger). I have sent the lower off to be engraved since I might want to SBR.

    My narrowed list in order:
    300BLK SBR - most likely 8" barrel from delta or noveske
    9mm or possibly 45 SBR
    AR-10 armalite - I have a semi auto 308 already though so I'm torn here
    458 socom

    I should mention I have my trust set up and one suppressor clearing ATF now (22lr).

    My uses/concerns:
    I would want to use this rifle for pig hunting and fun. My maximum range would be 200yds but probably in less than 100yds. I'm most concerned with ammo for 300blk. I know its becoming more available but will it last.

    Thanks for your input
  2. silverado113

    silverado113 New Member

    I like the 458 SOCOM myself. Post some pics when you decide and get it together.

  3. AgentTikki

    AgentTikki New Member

    PSA doesn't sell a .308 compatible lower to my knowledge.

    .458 socomm really cool. Big holes is big holes.

    But I'm pretty much in love with how quiet the .300 blackout subsonic supressed is. There does seem to be a lot of support for it too. I don't think its gonna replacement 5.56. But more support is good support.
  4. Millerlite

    Millerlite New Member

    yeah If I go the AR-10 route I would have to find another use for the extra PSA lower I have. Didn't mean to imply that would work in 308. Yeah I'm like 75% sold on 300blk vs 9,45 or 458 socom due to the ability to get full advantage of the suppression side of the equation.