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Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by diggsbakes, Jan 24, 2010.

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    OK. So I'm in the market for at least 2 new AK variants and would like some feedback from the boys on this.

    1. I've been considering a Lancaster build for several months. I've shot them recently and like them. They are beautiful, genuine, reliable and accurate. That said, I've recently got a couple Romanians WASR 10/63 shooting pretty accurate and smooth after about $100 worth of internals, replacement sights and practice.

    The difference in base price is right about $200 Lancaster being the more expensive, but the baseline Romy would need $100 to get it where I'll need it.

    2. I know its been asked before, (probably even by me) but 7.62 or 5.45? Both calibers are available from Lancaster or various surplus stores for the same price variance I listed above. I'm pretty well loaded with 7.62 mags and ammo, but the 5.45 is appealing to me because it's so cheap, faster, accurate, easier to pack/move and supposedly more deadly. The downside is that there are limited to no reloading capabilities.

    3. For the second (or third) I would like a longer range semi. The Romanian PSL-54C or other Dragnov variant has been appealing to me. The ammo is cheap and available, but I have limited experience with this weapon. What is a practical expectation for range and accuracy? Can optics be improved?

    The main goal in all of this is to have reliable weapons that I'm already familiar and experienced with, able to troubleshoot/repair and obtain a lifetime supply of mags and ammo for reasonable $$$.

    Help me make up my mind boys. ;)
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    Now while I can't directly give you very much help on your ?'s

    I did want to throw in that I read a review on a druaganove (spelling) that a writer (A U.S.MERC.) had bought to use as a short to Med. long range sniper tool that shot so horribly that he just stuck it in his closet and left it there for years, "UNTIL" 1 day he decided to send it to Krebbs for some serious fixin and when he got it back from Krebbs it was a serious tack driver that shot sub MOA all day every day and even did so at long ranges 500 yards + I think it was, even when the BRL got hot.
    Well I hope this helps you at least a little bit till someone shows up that can really add something of value to you.
    Good luck!


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    What $100 internals are you speaking of?
  4. diggsbakes

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    Adj. hammer/trigger drop in, shepherds crook replacement, etc.

    But that was not even remotely why I started this thread.

    C'mon boys gemme some feedback!
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    Research the 5.45x39 a little more closely.

    I read that this is called the "poison bullet", because alot of times people shot with it die from infection, as opposed to being dropped by it.

    Something about a gap in the bullet causes it to keyhole, and I believe this is intentional.

    I've fired them, but I'm no expert on the caliber. Recoil was mild, pretty accurate at 100m, but not always available, and mags can be tough to get.

    Again, look a little more closely at it.

    Dragunov variants vary greatly in quality, and can be picky on the ammo as well.

    My humble .02
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    Thank ya Benning. So after my range day yesterday, (see results in range report section) I don't know if going with a "higher quality" builder would be worth the extra cash. I finally got the WASR dialed in and am very pleased, it's on the better end of the ones I've had throughout the last few years. Might just go with another couple Romy's probably in the 5.45 this time though. Looked at a Maadi today, but it looked rough inside (bolt and carrier), except the bore and the price was high. $575 :rolleyes: