*NEWS FLASH* UK gun laws FAIL!

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    Gunman opens fire in restaurant


    A man and a 15-year-old boy are recovering from bullet wounds after a gunman opened fire in a packed restaurant in west London.

    Both suffered non-life threatening injuries during the shooting in Harry Morgan's restaurant in St John's Wood High Street, at 2110 BST on Friday.

    The attacker, carrying two guns, chased the 31-year-old man into the diner and opened fire, hitting him in the leg.

    The Metropolitan Police said no arrests have yet been made. Several shots were fired in the venue which was filled with people. Pop star Rachel Stevens was dining at the venue at the time.

    A spokeswoman for the former S Club 7 member said: "Rachel and her family were in a restaurant where there was gunfire. It was very frightening for everyone there but none of the diners were hurt."

    People were pretty shaken up and were wailing in shock more than anything else. An eyewitness said diners threw themselves to the floor screaming and bullet-holes could now be seen.

    BBC chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym was also in the restaurant at the time. He said: "I immediately went to ground and pulled my 15-year-old son under the table.

    "We were aware of a guy running through.

    "He didn't appear as if he had a weapon - it felt like he was the victim."

    Pym continued: "We were under the table and everyone was shouting 'stay down, stay down'."Obviously there was a lot of broken glass and people gradually emerged from the tables.

    "People were pretty shaken up and were wailing in shock more than anything else. Then all of a sudden a guy in a motorbike helmet came in - he had two automatic pistols and he starts firing at the guy.

    "As soon as I smelled the cordite I was under the table.

    "Everyone was screaming and hitting the deck.

    "It was unbelievable - it was a packed restaurant and it does not appear anybody [among the diners] was hurt."

    Harry Morgan's was established in 1948 by a London butcher and has been shortlisted in the Evening Standard Restaurant Awards.'

    BBC NEWS | UK | Gunman opens fire in restaurant

    Hang on...how can this be??

    With such stringent gun laws...surely this kind of crime CANNOT HAPPEN?

    Bloody hell, I am shocked! :eek:
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    I'm not surprised. It'll happen again, I'm sure.


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    Obviously, they need to ban restaurants next.
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    They have had a lot of shootings and kniffings sense they banned private gun ownership there just in the last few years