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    I usually post on the ar15 site so I'm new here . I recieved my lee master loader and have been making 223 ammo. I'm not just real pleased with the lee master loader for the main reason is the disk loader. It is inconsistent on its throws. I have ran a pound or two thru it, wrapped dryer sheets around it. Ran graphite thru it, tapped two times , three times , bumped handle on down stroke , bumped handle on up stroke and still inconsistent . I enentuallu gave up and just started using my digital scale. I orderd another powder dispenser from Lee that's supposed to be accurate . I started out with my S&W Ar15 with a 1 to 8 twist and a 16in barrel. I found the sweet spot at 24.5 of H335 with a 55g FMJ /bt and cci primers with a 1 moa at a 100 . Any advice would be appreciated. Also what's a good for. 1 to 12 twist using H335 and a 55gfmjbt?
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    The powder dispenser is more accurate than the disc system. I wore out 2 Lee Pro 1000's loading 223, they are great for pistol rounds but it may break after a couple thousand rounds and you will have to get a new shell plate holder. I switched to the Turret press for the rifle rounds and powder dispenser for best results.

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    If you can swing it get a 550 Dillon. They will drop the same powder charge every time. I`ve loaded over 2,000 rounds at a time with the powder still varing less than 1/10 of a gr.
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    +1 on the Dillon. My 450 has over 100,000 rds through it w/o any major hiccups. Lee makes some good products at nice prices. They also make some "cheap" products. Their progressive presses are not even close to the same league with the Dillons.