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    I was given a CVI eclipse .50 cal muzzle loader last winter, and because I had so much going on at the time, I put it in the safe and basically forgot about it until now. Now that I'm caught up, I got a chance to really look it over, I develop an interest in it. But I know as much about muzzle loaders as I do aerospace engineering. I do know (because it point blank state it on the rifle) that it is black powder only. Can any one tell me much about it? Is it worth anything? Some do's and don'ts, Is it safe to use a synthetic black powder? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    ps I have a pic of it but am not sure how to attach it to a thread, however I do have a pic of it on my profile if any one wants to see it.
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    Possible that you have a CVA, not CVI? If so, go to, and download a warranty manual for your rifle.

    Yes, you may use black powder SUBSTITUTES, such as Pyrodex (and there are others) The subs are measured by bulk (volume) and not by weight.

    Modern day muzzleloaders are not real high dollar rifles, but a lot of fun.

    Only ways I know of to blow one up are (1) Use smokeless powder in a black powder only rifle, or (2) attempt to fire when bullet is not fully seated on the powder charge. A bullet halfway down the barrel will mess up you and your rifle, along with innocent bystanders.

    Read, ask questions, enjoy.

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    yes i meant to type CVA but was in a hurry and didn't proof read. Thanks for the info c3shooter.
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    I hunt, and have for many years. 'Bout 5 years ago, I bought my first bp rifle. I love it. The inline muzzleloaders are not our grandfather's muzzleloaders. Very accurate with today's bullets. Most bp rifles can use up to 150 gr of powder, but some use less. Best to know the limit prior to using. Clean it after use!!! :D