Newbie switching to 45 ACP from 9mm

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    Hi Guys,
    Relatively new to reloading. Have loaded several thousand rounds of 9mm with no hiccups.
    Going to start loading for my 45 XD service. Anything I need to know? Any changes in the the technique I should know? Not talking about primers and stuff. The technique itself. What I should be aware of.
    Using a Classic Turret Press & Lee 4 pc Carbide die set, Win 231 or Tite-Group. Just looking for a soft load. Not really sure about FMJ's or lead yet. Dont have any bullets yet, so I am open for suggestions about that.
    I have read from various forums that XD's dont like SWC. Lead is cheaper to shoot than FMJ. Cant shoot lead from my G19, so dont have any experience with lead.
    If I go the lead route, is there anything I need to differently loading lead in 45 ACP?
    Is there anything I need to do differently in loading 45 ACP from loading 9mm in general?
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    I personally wouldn't use lead simply because I don't like cleaning that much. I've been using 200gr JFP Rainers in my XD45 and have no problems. I've tried flat points and ball and feeding was never an issue but I don't know about SWC. If you loaded 9mm you'll be fine with the 45. As far as a load goes, check out Hodgdon's website, they have some nice target loads I've been using for a while.

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    A good, hard cast lead bullet should not cause excessive leading in a .45. The pressures and velocities are pretty low. I put a gentle bevel in the case mouth prior to belling to prevent shaving of the lead. Be very careful with this as the cartridge headspaces on the mouth so you will need to have some brass left at the mouth to insure proper headspace. I lightly chamfer the mouth to about 1/2 the brass thickness is visible.

    Avoid swaged lead bullets unless you enjoy de-leading the barrel.
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    "...9mm with no hiccups. Going to start loading for my 45 XD service. Anything I need to know? "

    Not really. Just consider it a man size 9mm! ;)

    Lead bullets will frequently need a bit more mouth flare than jacketed or the bullet heels may be damaged entering the case. That kills accuracy! Don't crimp them too much, just enough to remove the flare works for me.

    Hard cast bullets, properly lubed, will leave little or no leading at .45 ACP velocities. I use the old NRA formula Alox/Bee's wax lube in my 1911 and NEVER see more than a thin, light gray smear on the lands. That comes out with a few passes of an oiled brass brush.

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    45 from 9mm

    +2 for Robocop. I have good luck with a hard cast 200gr SWC at 800 fps in my Colt Mark 4 Govt. I always run a mag of warm FMJ through the barrel after a target session, 5-6 swipes with solvent brush,dry,oil,and done/clean. If you use the Lee 4 carbide set you should be using the Lee Factory Crimp die last. This will insure that all rounds will chamber. I also check all 9mm+45acp with an overall cart. die after loading. These are avail from MidWay and take the place of a barrel chamber to check fit of loaded round.Most hard cast lead can be bought less than any jacketed.:D
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    Lead load thoughts

    When using lead,use HARD lead. I like LaserCast. Some guns do not like plated bullets; in my experience lead is more reliable. Don't chamfer the case -- flare (bell) the case mouth enough to allow the bullet to start with NO shaving of the bullet. Seat the bullet in one step, crimp in a seperate step. I load SWC's to 1.245 OAL with a 0.470 crimp. +1 on the Lee full length sizing/crimp die -- it's worth twice the price. I use a 200 gr LSWC and 4.5 gr of VVN310 and a WLP to the dimensions above. Shoots super in my 5" 1911.