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I am still shooting spome of my inventory of ammo that I loaded as far back as 1984. FMJ rounds all look good after 24 years in storage (indoor climate controlled). Lead tipped bulltes have a bit of oxidation on them after 24 years. However, they all shoot just fine.

I can't respond on ammo leaft in an uncontrolled environemnet, but empty brass I have had in storage looked pretty bad after 20+ years if it was not in a sealed container. Polished brass kept in sealed coffee cans was still bright and shiny after 20 years.

As far as starting out on reloading, I'd suggest that you purchase a combo kit from Lymans or RCBS that will have everything you need to get started. If you choose RCBS (which I have), also buy the Lymans loading manual - it is a great source of information, and it has a better section on how to do reloading.

Things you will want to get after you get started are a case trimmer and a brass tumbler/polisher.

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