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  1. dmh737

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    I'm sorry to be so elementary, but I am new to guns. I am looking to buy my first rifle and know NOTHING about them. Is there a resource that explains the difference in bolt action, semi auto, etc? I hate to burden the forums with a bunch of beginners questions so if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great. Thanks!
  2. hardluk1

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    Try to run some googles first or you tubes about how a bolt action works ,semi-auto, single shot , pump action and so forth.

    Are you wanting a basic .22lr to start with or centerfire?
    Are you planeing on hunting? tree rats or deer?
    A bit more info needed with a better idea of what you paln to do.

  3. TLuker

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    Just google the various types of guns and read all you can. You can also use the search feature on this forum and read past threads. A good search might be "first gun"? Also keep in mind that we all had to learn this stuff at some point so never be embarrassed to ask questions. :)
  4. bigdaddy573

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    We are here to help if this going to be your first rifle get a 22 lr in bolt action savage makes some for a good price or u can get a ruger 10/22 at a good price and it semi auto witch mean every time u pull the trigger it will shoot and a bolt action mean u have to work the bolt every time u want to shoot
  5. dmh737

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    Thanks! I'm using the search function now. From what I've read so far, the Ruger 10/22 looks like the ticket. I just downloaded the Ruger catalog. Alot of info.
  6. Jeepergeo

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    We like beginners. We were all beginners at one time and are happy to have new folks taking up the hobby/sport/avocation. The more folks that get involved, the better.

    I encourage you to sign up for a Hunters Safety or Firearm Safety class. The class will go over the basics of most types of sporting firearms.

    See if you can find a range that rents guns. Some do. Then rent a few to test them out and see what you like to shoot.

    A Classic first rifle is a 22 Long Rifle. I like Bolt Action 22 LR because it is slow and allows you to focus on technique, and with the right gun, you can keep it and teach the grand kids with it when they come along. You can shoot it a bunch for $20 (550 rounds) whereas something bigger might cost $18 for 20 rounds.

    Some folks will recommend a Semi Auto 22 LR. They are great too. But IMO, they are a better second purchase after the bolt action.
  7. ScottA

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    Here are some good resources where you can learn a lot in a short amount of time... or spend the next 3 months absorbing everything you could possibly wonder about firearms.

    Here is where you can find out more information on NRA training programs:
  8. c3shooter

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    Couple of random thoughts. First, we now have State forums here on FTF- check on your state forum, and see if there are some folks near you that you can meet up with.

    Second, over in Anniston Alabama the Civilian Marksmanship Program has one of their 2 stores. If you are in that neighborhood, drop in for a chat about learning opportunities. Program called an Apple Seed Shoot may interest you. Also Hunter Safety program- check w/ your state game department for opportunities.

    Last, check on your State Rifle Association (google) They can probably offer some guidance. That, and hit the library. Keep a few gun books in the bathroom and use the time for some reading.

    And welcome to the forum!
  9. dmh737

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    Wow, I'm in the Anniston area a couple of times a month. I will definitely check it out. Great info so far, guys. Thanks!
  10. apowers1214

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    C3 is there anything that you are not a wealth of knowledge on contained in this forum. lol
  11. Werminator

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    OP, don't rush into the purchase... Read around on this forum as well as (if .22 is how you think youre going to go)... I find that if I just buy it I won't always be happy with it but some diligent reading on all the forums here can help you point your purchase in the right direction for your individual situation... And if that doesn't work just do whatever C3 says cuz he knows EVERYTHING!
  12. dteed4094

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    JMHO but I think a bolt action is the only way to go for a first rifle. A lot of the novice shooters get spoiled and start to put rounds fired over accuracy. Generaly speaking Bolt actions tend to be more accurate than semi autos. I bought my first S.A.s last year and sold both because they were not as accurate as my least accurate 22. bolt action. I have several. I'm sure I will get plenty of arguement with these statements, thats not my intention. I just feel it is fair to warn you that in general to get a fair level of accuracy you will spend a more money on a S.A.. I feel that starting with a semi auto is like skipping elementary school. JMHO
  13. donthav1

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    as one of my co-workers daughter's would say, "i know that i know everything because i can't think of a single thing i don't know" :D

    all kidding aside, my reccomendation would be a bolt action .22 to start, cheap to buy & cheap to shoot.

    i gotta give the OP props for havin the nutz to ask & post questions though, alotta people would probably just buy something & try to figure out how it works & what to do with it later. if you know some people that own firearms, see if they can show you in person some of the differences between the different types of actions, bullet sizes, etc. or head down to a local gun store & ask an employee to give you a hand. don't let someone bully you into thinking "[insert caliber here] is a p*ssy round, you need something bigger"

    welcome to shooting, try to research & learn as much as you can & maybe one day you'll know as much as C3 ;)
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