Newbie needs help identifying Browning!

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    Hi there-
    I have a shotgun that I am attempting to identify. I know it is a Browning Auto 5 series, but I am trying to identify if it is a Standard Weight, Lightweight, just a straight "Auto-5 Magnum". I am fairly well-versed in firearms, but not forgive me if some of my questions are "idiotic". Here are some distinguishing features:

    A. Gold trigger (suggests a "Sweet Sixteen" model, but that came in 16 gauge only).
    B. 20 gauge, chambered for 3" shells only (suggests a "Auto-5 Magnum").
    C. Has "Magnum Twenty" on the left side of the receiver.
    D. Decorative scrolling on receiver and bottom of trigger guard (which I was told only the "Lightweight" had).
    E. S/N: 7X 10066
    F. Appears to be a 27.5 inch barrel(?) I thought they came in whole inches only.
    G. Black buttplate with "Browing Automatic" and "FN" inside an oval. No buttpad like the regular Magnum Twenty came with.
    H. Checkered walnut stock, but front grip is plastic (made to look like wood, with checkered pattern to match pattern on stock).
    I. Vent rib? I Could someone explain what this is? I'm not sure if this has it or not.
    J. 4 + 1 capacity.

    This is obviously a Belgian model, not the Japanese-mase ones that came out later. Could someone please identify the model for me, and advise approximate date of manuf.? Gun Digest I am currently using is 2007 Standard Catalog of Firearms (17th Edition).

    If you need more info, let me know. I have the gun digest book, but the different models seem to contradict what I have. Thank you very much!

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    Pictures would certainly help us identify it

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    If it has Magnum Twenty engraved on the side of the receiver,then that is what it is.At least the receiver.
    It has probably had the stock replaced at some point.If the friction rings aren't set up correctly,or the magazine tube nut and buttstock bolt isn't tightened correctly,the gun will crack the buttstock and forearm.
    These types of shotguns are recoil operated,and tend to punish parts that are not correctly tightened or adjusted right.
    Vent Rib-Does the barrel have an exposed rib on top of it that runs the length of the barrel,or is it just a round plain barrel.