Newbie needs advice about first rifle

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by shakermakeruk, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. shakermakeruk

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    I have been to the range twice now with friends, shot a 22, a .308, a mouser. I didnt want to leave there it was great fun. What kind of rifle would you reccomend for someone who will just be shooting target practice at the range.

    Shooting the .308 and the mouser was fun but had too much kick, and the 22 was pretty boring to shoot. I have a pretty low budget range between $300-$400 at the very most

    Sorry if this question sounds dumb, i want to try and learn alot more about this sport and appreciate your advice.
  2. winds-of-change

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    A .22 boring to shoot? I have a .22 pistol and I think it is very fun to shoot!! What makes it 'boring' to you? If you tell us what you expect and want in your shooting experience, we may be able to help you decide what might suit you.

  3. kryptar19

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    I hate to tell you, but if you are new to this sport you need to start out with a .22. I suggest a rugar 10/22 with a couple of 25 rd mags from butler creak. ;)
  4. shakermakeruk

    shakermakeruk New Member

    Sorry boring was the wrong word, i guess what i meant that it was more of a rush using the other rifles.
  5. bigdaddy573

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    Look at some 223.s Its fun to shoot easy on recoil and want break the bank to shoot and savage and Marlin make good gun around your price range
  6. Muliemaster

    Muliemaster New Member

    Well a 338 ultra mag is out so go with a good 223 or 243 they will provide plenty of yeee haaa time while u develope proper shooting form then step up to a big bang
  7. montveil

    montveil New Member

    If you are looking for recoil, blast etc almost any large caliber will do.
    I find shooting is a collaboration between the firearm and ones self. If you want to be a marksman and hit what you aim at, the suggestion of a 10-22, as mentioned, will serve you well. It is inexpensive to shoot, capable of accuracy, and with a 25 round may suffice in your wanting to blast things.
    After you can regularly put your shots into a 2 inch circle at 50 yards or want to really learn to be a marksman, you may be ready to go to an Appleseed shoot
    Becoming a marksman is the first priority in shooting. After you can hit what you are aiming at you will be able to answer your own question.
  8. Soliferrum

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    yea i agree, if a .308 was too much of a kick for you, dont leave the .200 calibers or the 5.00mm range then. a good .223 AR would sound like the middle ground you are looking for.
  9. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    I would recommend a piece of soviet engineering... A SKS or a Mosin, both are inexpensive to buy with cheap ammo..
    My first gun was a SKS and ive had tons of fun with it.. Its more than a .22 but the ammo isnt too expensive and the recoil is very low.. The Mosin has a bit more kick but isnt bad, and the ammo is still not very much. Often times a Mosin can be bought for less than $100
  10. Vikingdad

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    A mouser is a good cat that catches mice. A Mauser is a rifle. ;)

    If you focus more on accuracy a .22 can be great fun (that goes for any and all guns). The boys and I use our .22 rifles to shoot paintballs (challenging targets at 25 yards with iron sights) or spinning targets or any number of other things we can think of. Using a target that has a response when hit is great fun (clay birds are great at 100 yards). Shooting paper targets may not give you the satisfaction you are looking for though. You can get a 10-.22 pretty cheap and have some money left over for TONS of shooting (.22 long rifle is the most bangs for the buck out of any other ammo out there.)

    Heavy recoil can be a "rush", but in time you will be wanting to hit something when you pull the trigger.
  11. donthav1

    donthav1 Active Member

    the thrill of recoil will wear off fast at the range.

    i find paper a bit boring to shoot, so i use targets that react. that will put fun into any type of shooting, regardless of caliber. use pop cans, golf balls, paintballs, hot wheels or matchbox cars, your sister's barbies, anything that will break or explode just use your imagination.

    my suggestion will probably be the popular ruger 10/22, there are plenty of good cheap .22's out there but the 10/22 allows so much easy customization that the only limit is your mind & your wallet.

    another option would be a cheaper .22 bolt gun or mossberg 702 plinkster & that may allow you to have enough money left over to buy a savage axis in .223 or .243. so once you hone your skills a bit with the .22, you can step up to the centerfire calibers if you need the "big bang"
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  12. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    I’ve been thinking though this myself recently. If the interest is rifle marksmanship, it seems to me the question comes down to how long your range is, how much practice you want to do and much you want to $pend on ammo.

    My local fish & game club’s outdoor range a mile away is just over 80 yards. We’re in boreal forest so all that’s needed for most of the members is minute of deer accuracy. It wouldn’t make sense to get a big caliber to shoot there ‘cause I wouldn’t even begin to test myself & the rifle at such a short distance. I’ll see what I can do with a handgun there.

    About an hour away are two 300 yard ranges. I’m thinking a .223 for those. If I can get a group with the .223 at 300 yards, then I’ll see about a .308, pay a visit to the 1,000 yard club three hours away and see how much bullet drop and wind drift interests me.

    So, how long is your range?
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  13. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    .308 in a Mauser, assuming it was a 7.62x51 rifle seems about correct. There are lots of inexpensive rifles that would do great, just get a slip on recoil pad. The 24/47, 91/30, or any other surplus rifle you may find at your local shop. 8x57(8mm Mauser), and 7.62x54r are still fairly cheap ammo wise. A good .22 is a VG place to start. Get a good rifle and lots of ammo. You will learn everything from trigger control to cleaning for short $.
  14. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    Necco Wafers make a big puff when you hit them. Life Savers or any small candy as the ants will clean it up. Old aspirins when you get really good. If you want to go center fire, the 223 is about the cheapest to shoot and can be very accurate. Easily good to 300 yards. I would choose a Savage as it has a 1:9 twist and is will shoot the 55grn and 62 grn bullets better. I bought one of my grandsons a Savage Package in 223. I think it was about $400. It came with a scope and had the Accu Trigger. He was shooting 1" groups at 100 yards with it out of the box. He was 11 at the time. You might also want to think about a 17HMR. It is a rimfire but very accurate out to 150 yards and no recoil to speak of.
  15. TLuker

    TLuker New Member

    As already mentioned a .223 or .243 would probably be your best bet, and I would recommend the .223 if it is going to be strictly for range use. The .223 goes bang like a big gun but the recoil is light, and ammo is cheap. For your price range you should be able to find a good used bolt action in either caliber.

    For double that you could get a good AR or Mini 14 which would be a lot of fun.

    Also as already mentioned an SKS might also be a good choice? It's low recoil, semi-automatic, relatively cheap and fun to shoot.

    It all depends on your personal preferences. Just look at different guns and figure out what appeals to you. You could even go with a lever action if that style appeals to you.
  16. ChicagoJoe

    ChicagoJoe New Member

    If you are new to shooting I recommend a bolt action over an AR or other semi-auto. You will take more time for each shot and be less inclined to spray and pray.
  17. clr8ter

    clr8ter New Member

    How about a 22 mag? I haven't seen this one mentioned yet.I have a Ruger 77/22 in 22LR, and just yesterday ordered a Savage 93R re barreled to 22WMR. (It had to be SS, LH) I was thinking the same thing, 22LR was slightly boring, and the added cost of 22mag is irrelevant compared to how many rounds a year I will put through it. Having said that, I don't think I can sell the 77/22.
  18. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    You might want to look into a Savage Model 10 FCM Scout in 7.62x39...........
  19. 97cobra

    97cobra New Member

    I agree completely. The .22 m&p I bought is the most fun to shoot.
  20. nhboy82

    nhboy82 New Member

    Hey guys i just joined not to long ago and I have done a lot of research on the ruger ssr556 cM anyone give me some in put their is something in the back of my mind that says dont buy it because of the carrier tilt problems but that was a couple of years ago. Ruger just put a video on itunes explaining how carrier tilt works but did not really answer the qeustion on if they fixed the problem. Any input on this would be great.